Developing Android Apps – 5 Online Resources to Start

Where to start learning Android Development? Here is a list of 5 Online Resources to start developing your fist Android app.

developing android apps - start learning android development
Do you have an awesome idea for an Android app, but don’t know the first thing about app development? Never fear, as there are many useful resources available to help you to develop that perfect app. Use the online resources below, and begin your journey into Android development!

Official Android Development Site
When you need up-to-date information about Android development, go to the official source. The official Android development site is run by the maintainers of the Android SDK, so you know it has everything you will need to know to design that first app. The site also teaches you the official ‘best practices’ for designing your app.

My Life With Android
Written and maintained by Gabor Pellar, My Life With Android reads less like a series of tutorials and more like a diary. The blog details his experience with developing on the Android platform, and although it is a useful resource for learning how to develop your own Android app, the content of his posts may contain errors since he is writing as he learns Android development himself. Even so, it’s a great resource if you want to learn alongside someone that is learning Android development for the first time.

Sometimes, reading how to develop part of an app isn’t as effective as watching someone code. Enter YouTube. Using YouTube, you will be able to find professional developers that will share their knowledge about Android app development with you. For aspiring Android developers that are visual learners, YouTube is a must-use resource.

Mobile Tuts+
Tuts+’s (TutsPlus) Android section is packed with great information for both beginning and veteran Android developers. Mobile Tuts+ has over 150 development tutorials, each categorized via difficulty, the amount of time it will take to complete tasks in a tutorial, and so on. Although the tutorials are only text-based, don’t let that scare you as they are all formatted professionally and include an abundance of screenshots to help you in the event that you get confused.

If you want a large collection of Android tutorials that cover both the basic and advanced topics, you will want to visit Vogella. Every tutorial is written to perfection and the best part? Each tutorial offers links to other resources that explain the tutorial in more detail, so you can continue learning well after the tutorial is over.

This is a great time to be an Android developer. With the abundance of resources available to teach you everything you need to know about Android development, there isn’t a reason not to try your hand at Android app development. What are you waiting for? Stop reading and start learning!

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