Best Augmented Reality apps & VR Games on Android

Experience virtual reality with these augmented reality apps and VR games right on your android.

Best augmented reality apps and VR games

Augmented reality apps and virtual reality games along with Google Cardboard or other VR headset are big news today. Cardboard is an exclusive platform for immersive games with which you can see the world in a new way. The most buzz making Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift looks cool but cost some money to step into virtual reality world. You can also get the affordable Google Cardboard and load the following augmented reality apps and games.

Lets explore the best augmented reality apps/games and latest virtual reality apps/games for android.

1. Pokémon GO (FREE)

pokemon go android apk

The whole world seems to go crazy for Pokemon GO at its launch. A game that rises more than $14 billion value to Nintendo’s share. Pokémon GO is a location-based augmented reality game where users walk around to capture and train digital creatures using the phone’s camera and GPS in the real world. The apps also allow to discover nearby landmarks, watch various ads and movie trailers by just pointing smartphone’s camera at a poster. “Pokemon go” is free to download and play but there is also premium items available to buy through in-app purchase. The game is not yet available worldwide. If you can’t find the game on playstore we suggest you to download Pokemon go apk. (The apk has been signed by Niantic and safe to download).

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2. Cardboard (FREE)

When you get your VR device, Cardboard is the first app recommended for you. The app features touring of planet earth, versatile city, etc. There is also a photo viewer, video player, etc. Explore the power of virtual reality and enjoy the excitement of a new kind of view. Cardboard app is totally free to download from play store.

Google Translate (FREE)

Google Translate lets the user translate text in several languages. For using this app all required is to open the app, clicking the camera and pointing the required text to translate. You will find the text is transformed into the required language. Today this app is getting expanded to a total of 27 languages. Its update also includes smooth and fast voice translation.

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4. Insidious VR (FREE)

Insidious virtual reality is actually a promotional attempt from the insidious movies. You will be enjoying the intensity of virtual reality with Insidious. There will be a horrific voice guide on the tour of the afterlife. This application is also a free download. It’s an exciting and horrific feeling which will get on your nerve.

5. Proton Pulse Google Cardboard ($1.99)

Proton Pulse is a simple yet very fun 3d brick breaker game. If you are a fan of Classic Arcade Brick-Breaking Action than Proton Pulse will take the fun to the next level. The game costs a bit of cash but totally worth it.

6. Crayola Color Alive (FREE | In-app-purchase)

Coloring book may feel like an old fashioned plaything. Crayola Color Alive is enriched with all painting and drawing apps for tablets. The app works with Crayola’s Color Alive coloring books or you can download free templates and print it to let your kids draw on the page.

After coloring a page just launch the Crayola color alive app and pointing it to the art. Soon the drawing becomes active on the app with beautiful animations and special effects. This 4d augmented reality technology was created by DAQRI. Whatever the color choices of a child are, Crayola’s color recognition will create 3d creatures exactly as on the paper. Crayola’s excellent color book comes in seven colors including one particular color which is used to give special effects like fire, ice, blasts.

7. Titans of Space (FREE)

If you are looking for an app to explore the solar system surrounding with stars, then Titans of Space for you. This app features the visualization of the solar system along with the description of celestial bodies. This is indeed an educational journey for users. If you want to learn a lot about the solar system while playing, just enjoy this one. This is also a good app for parents who want to teach their kids about the solar system by just having fun.

8. Yelp (FREE)

This excellent application is created to locate the best local business in the nearest area. Whether it’s a restaurant, a garage or bar this finds everything for you. It will provide details like opening hours address detail, phone number. It also shows user reviews and ratings too.

This dashboard shows a constant search option. There are other options like home, nearby, bookmark and check-ins. The nearby tab helps to filter the no. of local business among many categories. It also displays local business offering a special discount.

8. Ingress (FREE)

If you are excited to play an augmented reality battle game then it is an excellent choice. This battle game is based upon GPS-location. To play this game, you need to hack and also build portals. Ingress uses real-world map instead of a game board. Just imagine you have to travel through destinations to hack portals. The main attraction of the game is to move away from the geeks and meet with one another. This exciting game also includes other missions like scavenger hunting.

9. Vrse – Virtual Reality (FREE)

This is a very fantastic storytelling virtual reality app. While listening, you will be traveling through the graphics and landscapes. Vrse is among the best of its criteria. There are some known issues with few devices user cannot move the app to SD card.

10. SpecTrek (FREE | $2.49)

SpecTrek is an augmented reality ghost hunting game. It uses GPS location for tracking and hunting paranormals. This hunting game is fun for all ages. The user review section on play store shows how popular the game.

11. VR Roller Coaster (FREE)

If you enjoy riding through rollercoaster then VR Roller Coaster exactly for you. Strapp, the VR headset on your Your head and you, will be enjoying the ride on a roller coaster with the highest field of View in VR, 150 degrees: As you will be moving from bends and loops, there will be breathtaking moments for you. Just grab it from play store and feel the excitement.

12. Parallel Kingdom (FREE)

This thrilling game is based upon location and MMORPG. Just think you will be running around and destroying monsters and also completing quests. This unique game features 40 levels, comes with the multi-player option. It has 30 leaderboards and also includes chat rooms. The game supports six languages and displays two million players from 100 countries. Just try this thrilling game which comes free.

13. Volvo Reality (FREE)

Volvo has developed this virtual reality application that allows test drive with Volvo XC90. This exciting app will put you behind the wheels of the car. You will be enjoying the trio and the experimental videos in this nerve taking application. Enjoy the ride through mountains and fields with Volvo XC90. This all happens at free of costs, so just grab it.

14. Orbulus, for Cardboard VR (FREE)

Orbulus gives you the exciting feeling of the journey between the stars. It provides you with a sense that titular orbs are revolving around you.

The list doesn’t end here. Multiple tech giants are today focused on building VR apps today. Now the emerging trend is to create VR apps for home entertainment. We are expected to see more and more augmented reality apps and VR games on playstore. Share this list and leave your suggestions in the discussion form.

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