A list of essential accessories for your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

Congrats to the lucky owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, the hottest smartphone from the Korean giant that displays the best Samsung can offer. The Galaxy S6 is already a brilliant flagship phone in every aspect, but you should get more out of the device and protect it with the following accessories and gadgets dedicated to S6.

Here we enlisted 9 of the best accessories and kits for those who have already bought it. Those are among the next buyers who wished to leave your phone welcoming the new Samsung Galaxy S6 also bookmark the list for future.

Spigen® [Crystal] Ultra Clear Screen Protector

Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

Undoubtedly, you’ll need a worthy screen protector for your new smartphone to protect the screen from any scratch. Spigen’s Crystal HD Protector is an excellent choice that can protect not only the front of the smartphone but also the rear. Equipped with a degree of 3H hardness, the Protector also secure the right pressure without interfering with touchscreen responsiveness or sensors.

Buy Spigen® [Crystal] Screen Protector ($8.99)

JETech® Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

Another screen protector, built-in tempered glass with 0.33 mm thickness for Samsung Galaxy S6. Easy to install, this protective film is transparent, leaves no air bubbles or the screen to rainbow effect as some films do. This film turns out to be an excellent ally against scratches.

Buy JETech® Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($7.99)

Galaxy S6 Quick Charge 2.0 18W USB Car Charger

Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

iVoler Quick Charge 2.0 is a car charger that is designed to provide a technology of ultra fast charging. With this portable charger, you can charge your device 75% faster than the traditional wall charger. The car charger has a compact design and also works with devices that do not have the technology of rapid charging, charging them at reasonable speed. It is a perfect accessory for those who travel often and do not want to have bad surprises caused by the battery of the smartphone.

Buy Galaxy S6 USB Car Charger ($11.95)

Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock – Black

Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock

A wireless dock that charges your smartphone while driving. Mounting it on the windscreen or the dashboard of your car and lets you power up your Samsung Galaxy S6 without having to mess with cables. In addition to the dock and cables, there is a sticky pad to help set the dock to your dashboard. You can turn your smartphone horizontally or vertically, and you will be free from annoying cables while you are driving.

Buy Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock – Black ($73.28)

SanDisk 64GB Wireless Flash Drive

SanDisk 64GB Wireless Flash Drive

If your device’s memory is not enough, you can use a flash drive to expand its disk space. The SanDisk Connect offers an external memory of 64 GB, designed to increase the space of your Samsung Galaxy S6 that does not have a slot for SD cards. This pocket-sized device is designed to carry your data, movies, photos wherever you are. It has an internal rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours.

Buy SanDisk 64GB Wireless Flash Drive ($49.99)

Galaxy S6 Verus [Thor Active] Case

Galaxy S6 Verus Thor Active Case

Versus Thor Active Case is a genuine armor with a unique look for your Samsung Galaxy S6. Based on the idea of joining three covers in one, this case provides a thermoplastic polyurethane shell. The Thor Active Case also light but stable, to protect the smartphone in every situation, another layer of flexible plastic and a durable holster that is equipped with a swivel clip and can be used as a stand and is attachable to anything, as it can be rotated up to 180 °. Every corner is reinforced to prevent damage due to spills. This case is available in 9 different colors.

Buy Galaxy S6 Verus [Thor Active] Case ($17.99) ($42 discount)

TYLT POWERPLANT 5200mAh Battery Backup

TYLT POWERPLANT 5200mAh Battery Backup

An excellent option for those looking for a power bank for Samsung Galaxy S6. It will ensure you get through the day if you have kept your device turned on many hours. You charge up to two devices simultaneously. This lithium-ion battery is also equipped with LEDs that indicate the status of remaining charge. On average recharge in 6-7 hours and a device switches on and off automatically.

Buy TYLT POWERPLANT 5200mAh Battery Backup ($19.95)

Original Samsung Wireless Charger Pad

Original Samsung Wireless Charger Pad

This pad, created by Samsung, will be irresistible to the owners of Samsung Galaxy S6 because it will make your life much easier. With wireless charging system everything will be more immediate, you just need to put your smartphone on the pad. An LED on the top will inform you about the status of charging. It is compatible with any other devices that have the Qi-compatibility.

Buy Original Samsung Wireless Charger Pad ($31.95)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Armband

Samsung Galaxy S6 Armband

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Armband from Iwotou was created specifically for athletes and provides optimal protection to your Samsung Galaxy S6. While you are jogging you will not have other things to think: you can listen to music and keep an eye on your activities thanks to the transparent surface of the housing. You can adjust your measuring hamstring thanks to the strap and also there is a hidden pocket that will allow you to enter the house key.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S6 Armband ($)

Got an accessory that we should also buy? Share your favorite s6 accessories in the comments section below.

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