A list of the 5 best free summer apps for Android to have a great holiday season.

5 Essential Android Apps for Summer

Summer is approaching and the heat arrives. It is clear that we all are looking forward to enjoying the summer holidays, hours of sunshine and the company of our friends. To get the most out of your Android smartphone or tablet, GteAndroidStuff recommend 5 essential android apps for summer. Surely with them your summer vacation will be fun and memorable!

Here we bring you 5 Android apps to help you have a happy summer holidays.

Skyscanner – All Flights!

Skyscanner - All Flights! andorid summer app

This app is for extreme adventurers, traveling directly without flight booking. If you are someone who can not plan their holidays well in advance and looking for a cheap to start choosing a destination flight, undoubtedly Skyscanner is the application you are looking for. The app compares the prices of millions of flights from hundreds of companies and offers you the cheapest flights. You only have to specify the departure airport, without putting an endpoint, so you can find the cheapest flights to nowhere and take advantage of maximum prices. For those who have the flexibility, the app also has tools to find the cheapest dates and locations.

Download Skyscanner app here

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight app for android

Hotel Tonight is a handy application for Android users that allows you to find and book hotels anywhere in the world, last minute bookings in hotels from the app. As its name suggests, this application is designed for those who walk like crazy for a hotel for the same day. And though they are last minute bookings, prices are affordable.

Download Hotel Tonight app here

Cocktail Flow – Drink Recipes

Cocktail Flow - Drink Recipes on android

Cocktail Flow – Drink Recipes is a great app for those who would like to know how to prepare the best drinks at home and surprise his family or for those who have a restaurant or nightclub and want to find new drinks to offer their customers. It is a very complete app in which you can find hundreds of different recipes with bases of all types of liquor imaginable. Each cocktail is well described so you understand perfectly how it is produced. The app is very affordable and simple to use for all users, so it is not necessary to have skills to use this and make the most of.

Download Cocktail Flow app here

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel will keep you informed about the weather in your location at all times. The program is simple and intuitive to handle, and you’ll get the data you need in excellent graphics. The app provides local searches with current weather conditions and forecasts for up to ten days, with animated maps and severe weather alerts. It has a widget to configure your desktop with the most relevant information on time and be well informed at all times without opening the application.

Download The Weather Channel app here

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

Waze is a GPS navigator with maps and social networking, and this is a great application that will make your travel on roads and especially in the city more enjoyable. With Waze You can find the traffic situation and receive notifications of accidents, police, construction … All this is possible thanks to the collaboration of all the users that are part of the social network drivers Waze. With the help of other drivers, you know how to dodge traffic, save time, money, fuel, and improve the daily commute.

Download Waze app here

Well, these five options do not go missing in the mobile from any of us this holiday although it is likely that we have passed some. What do you consider essential App for the summer? What app you discovered on your vacation? Tell us about it! Thank you for being stay with us.



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