ZoomKee Keyboard for Android comes with Zoom Feature

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On Mar 4, 2013
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We have seen quite a lot Android Keyboard available on playstore. Some are based on gestures, others on predictions and there are others which straight forward weird. ZoomKee Keyboard for Android is another alternative choice for keybaord just arrived on google play shoe with lots of potential.

ZoomKee Keyboard for Android

A good keyboard is an absolute must for every Android user, cause in the end we mostly use our device for communicating through voice and messages. To find a good keyboard we need to download and test different options available to decide which works best. In the end it´s a matter of personal preference. ZoomKee Keyboard is one very new alternative which I´m very sure many of you will find attractive. First of all it looks something special. It´s flat, kind of like the Windows Phone or the keyboard on the new released HTC One.

What makes ZoomKee Keyboard so special is the ability to zoom in to letters. With the help of a button placed in the top right side you can make the letters a lot bigger. Once you do, just slide the keys to the left or right to find the one you need to use. This mode is probably the most efficient way to correct mistakes in the text. There are also a variety of zoom styles:

  • Stretch – Stretch the keyboard in the horizontal direction for narrow screens.
  • Magnify – Magnify the keyboard in both directions for small screens.
  • Fisheye – Larger keys around typed character with full keyboard in view.
  • Static – Suitable for editing words on wide screen devices.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= 9aVBztHtUJQ]

With zoom feature, fixing typos is so much easier that you will love  ZoomKee Keyboard. The predictions also very good. Try the keyboard and you will love it this is something unique you haven’t tried before.

PROS of ZoomKee Keyboard for Android:

+ Stylish interface

+ Multiple zoom modes

+ Clean and fast

CONS of ZoomKee Keyboard:

- Only English dictionary

Download ZoomKee Keyboard for Android free by hitting the widget below.