Zombiewood Android Game, Zombies invade Hollywood in this Halloween

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On Nov 28, 2012
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Zombiewood is yet another Zombie Shooter game but keep in mind that it comes form GameLoft, the leading game maker for mobile devices. With stunning gameplay it's polished and entertaining than any other Zombie game you have played.

Zombiewood for Android, the latest title form Gameloft brings horror action right on your android in this Halloween. If you were looking some Zombie shooting action than Zombiewood Android Game is here.

Most of you may find yourselves saying you don’t need another zombie shooter as there is plenty of them already on play store. Though the concept may not be original, in the end you will find that it does not matter when you’re in front of a product not only free to download, but also very well packaged. This is the case with Zombiewood, the new freemium title developed by Gameloft for iOS and Android.

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Zombiewood throws us in a Hollywood scenario invaded by the living dead, and therefore a nightmare for those who live … unless they want to become movie stars! The main character of the game is in fact a stuntman determined to rise to prominence thanks to this exceptional event, determined to be the hero without fear, weapons in hand, facing endless hordes of zombies to save women and children, or simply to be filmed as he breaks down the already torn limbs of his enemies. The concept behind this fun shooter is therefore very simple and unfolds through eleven different “films”, each consisting of a number of “scenes” in which we will be asked not only to eliminate all the undead on the screen , but also to complete goals such as protection of a person or a location, or the discovery of an object, and so on.

To further increase the interest there are many extra achievements, which once unlocked make us earn a little money to be spent for the purchase of weapons or upgrades or to procure protective clothing and be able to increase our main stats: strength, speed and damage. There is streight in numbers and in Zombiewood you will find this to be true when facing endless hordes of zombies.  The weapons that you can buy indeed very numerous and it will very quickly become necessary to have more firepower because the number of enemies. There is also an arena that allows you to wager virtual dollars and challenge your friends, while trying to get a score higher than theirs within a given stage.


In terms of gameplay, the mechanics of the traditional twin analogue sticks are in solid shape, with a good feedback for various weapons and rather precise touch controls. What is somewhat disappointing is that in some moments, fortunately rare, the controls seem to have their own mind. For the rest, there is a good variety of zombies, from the “normal” kind to those packing firearms, through the undead with explosives and huge ones that are able to shoot laser beams from their eyes. The scenarios are very well-built and all have different elements. The graphics in general are excellent in terms of style, detail and fluidity, while the sound segment noted for some catchy phrases but little more.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= da39cWS7j8k]

PROS of Zombiewood for Android

+ Great graphics and pleasing sound effects

+ Large number of environments and zombie types

+ 11 different movies and 10 unique game modes

CONS of Zombiewood Android

- The controls become unresponsive at times

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