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Zimly: All-in-One Media Player for Android will meet your all media playing requirements.

Zimly the Coolest Media Player for Android, as the name suggests, is a complete media player app to play music and watch videos on your Android. This application comes from the idea of simplifying the user experience in audio and video playback on your Android phone, very complete and elegant. With easy navigation and simple user interface you will surely love Zimly the Coolest Media Player Android.

Zimly the Coolest Media Player

The app automatically detects video and audio files from SD. You can create playlists and view the videos in full screen or Widescreen. Some of the supported formats are mp3, ogg, acc, mp4, 3gp. When you open the application, you can choose to enter the music player or the video player, so that the contents are well separated and classified. This application has a neat graphical interface, intuitive and easy to use, allows to find songs by artists, albums, all songs, create your playlists. Best of all the app recognize the folders on the SD card, which allows find song you are looking for are much simpler. The app also played videos various formats, which automatically detected from the SD card. The best thing about this player is the recognition of folders, which is essential in a media player.

In short, Zimly the Coolest Media Player, in my opinion, is a very good player GUI, folders recognition, simple and effective. If you’re not convinced with the default Android player, Zimly is one of the best alternative media player apps for Android to replace the default Android media player.

Zimly the Coolest Media Player is a Free Android App available to download on google playstore.

Download Zimly the Coolest Media Player Android App (FREE)

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