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Download ZENONIA Android RPG action game to get taste of the the best Classic RPG Genre title available for Android.

With a great story line  ZENONIA for Android is really an RPG action you wouldn’t want to miss. With stunning graphics, visual effects and quality sound the game  just get better and better. One of the interesting thing is that Zenonia got REAL LIFE SYSTEM which allows users to chose from Day/night cycle, hunger/weight system and good/evil storyline. There is hundreds of characters available and users can create their own customized character.

ZENONIA (RPG) play Action game Android

ZENONIA v1.1.2 for Android is now avalable. With Numerous quests following an epic storylineThe Return of classic Action RPG game for mobile phone. Best Adventure/RPG Game from The Pocket Gamer Awards 2010. Best RPG Game of 2009 by IGN. Best RPG 2009 by TouchGen


– Anime style characters and graphics
– Numerous quests following an epic storyline
– Various skills with stylish effectsZENONIA Android RPG action game
– Hundreds of unique items for each character
– Dynamic control and movement
– Skill Tree System (8 Active + 8 Passive skills and 1 ultimate skill for each character)
– 5 item classes (Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique and Epic)
– Good-and-Evil decision trees depending on which path you choose
– Day/Night cycle, Hunger & Weight System for reality
– Dynamic movements by double-tap dashing with optimized on screen D-Pad
– Automatic target facing
 ZENONIA™ was developed for Android by GAMEVIL Inc.
Package name : com.gamevil.zenonia.apk
Download ZENONIA (RPG) apk V1.1.2 from the link below or latest version of ZENONIA 5 for Free and ZENONIA (RPG) for Android can be download from Google Play Store using the widget below:
ZENONIA Android apk
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  • CorbyBoy

    is this ok in samsung corby2 ?? my friend recommended me this game because they say that i can play this awesome game on my phone ..

    pls answer …

    • XxANMOLxX

      i dont think corby is an android phone so, this game is not for you ,,,
      but you can search this game for your phone

  • Arix

    can any one tell me how to install this into my phone coz i’m kinda new to Android O_O

    • TuNa

      Get Astro file manager.

      Download this APK file and send it to your handset via usb.

      Go Settings –> Application –> Tick Unknown Sources

      Go to ASTRO file manager, go to Zenonia Apk.


      Enjoy 🙂

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    it full version

  • It doesn’t install

    It won’t install on my tablet. It keeps saying not enough space.

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      I think you don’t have enough space.

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        LOL,, yeah i think he is right man, check your space

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    Complete game or demo?

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