xScope Browser 6 for Android Download v6.02

here is the latest xScope Browser 6 (web file task). xScope Browser is a fastest way to browse the web on Android. This will transform your mobile Internet experience! You can easily navigate tabs andhas the possibility of making gestures on the screen to perform actions such as closing a tab, etc.. It is highly customizable by the amount of plugins that can be found as well as the ability to change the subject.

xScope Android browser

xScope Android web browser allowing users to quickly move left / right between tabs and hold to open links in tabs in the background, useful for those who are accustomed to using the middle button (middle-click) on desktop browsers. xScope Browser for Android also uses screen space efficiently, with the list of tabs having only a small bit of space at the top. It also incorporates a Task Manager (Task Manager), File Manager (File Manager), the ability to save favorites in an SD card, and clearing cache automatically every time you close the browser (self clearing cache on exit), to save valuable interior space. Definitely an innovation is zooming with one finger, where a quick tap and hold, you can slide horizontally to adjust the zoom without having to resort to the classic pinch and zoom.

This browser gives you all the possibilities you have in your PC at the time of sailing, so it is perfect if you browse a lot on your Android and you miss functions of desktop browsers.

xScope Browser (Web File Task) for Android comes with:
xScope Browser is a fastest way to browse the web
*Tons of Themes
*3 Zooms & Multi-touch
*3 Classic Favorites Pages
*Tabbed Browser
*Task Killer
*One Finger Pin-Zoom
*Share, Zip & File Manager
xScope Browser (Web File Task) was developed for Android by xScope Mobile
Package name : sui.mRelease.apk
File size: 524KB
Download xScope Browser (Web File Task) Android V6.02:
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