Xperia Android 4.0.4 update brings LED notification light issues?

Xperia Android 4.0.4 update brings LED notification light issues

Sony has recently started updating their 2011 lineup of smartphone to the latest version of Android.

After many delays and explications, going as far as to say that performance wise Gingerbread is better than the Xperia Android 4.0.4 update (Ice Cream Sandwich update) on Xperia Arc S, Xperia Pro, Xperia Ray, Xperia Neo V, Xperia Mini and other models. As it often occurs in the case with most rushed software updates, few problems started to bring discomfort to the users rather than feeling so ‘lucky’ to get the new software version. Now, the LED notification light doesn’t seem to function as it should for SMS and email. Users reported that this is not the case with the missed calls but only with SMS/Email and, curious enough, only when the screen is turned off. Obviously, this will require a new update that will (hopefully) solve the issue. As Sony didn’t even manage to push the current updates to all areas, not to mention the ne NXT Series of smartphones still on Gingerbread, the users have ahead of them another long wait. Let’s hope someone from the community of developers manages to develop a fix for the annoying issue while Sony releases new devices.

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