Download X-plore File Manager, Best Free File Manager for Android


Download X-plore File ManagerWhat is the Best Free File Manager for Android? Well, I think you should Download X-plore File Manager.

A File Manager app is a must have app regardless of the platform we choose. It’s the app you use most often and directly dependent of its functionality. We have all formed an image of the perfect File Manager on our users experience. I’ll start by sharing mine which i would consider before choosing the Best File Manager for Android.

Android App Review : X-plore - Best File Manager for Android
The Interface – This is the first aspect that we considered when choosing a file manager. It is necessary for the developer to include new design elements that integrate well with other apps in the system. It must be intuitive and running through directories must go smoothly.

Network Access –  To transfer files frequently between PC and phone. We options for LAN / FTP and net storage (Dropbox / Box etc.).

Root – Move apps to/from the system directory. We need the possibility to mount the directory as Readable / Writable and set permissions for applications. These advanced options are essential for me and eliminate the need for separate applications.

After testing many file management applications available on Store I found that those who answered my design requirements had large gaps in other chapters. Until recently I chose a compromise, choosing Solid Explorer Beta. I found nothing to complain about this application in terms of features but the design was not to my taste.

Let’s talk about X-plore File Manager. Lonely Cat Games are known for their file management application available on the Symbian platform. In search of the perfect File Manager for Android I found X-plore and have been using it ever since. Not only you get all the network options, but also advanced root options, and a two panel interface for easy actions and extensive configuration options. However, there are drawbacks. The design makes perfect use of the Ice Cream Sandwich design elements. The online storage options are complete, with Dropbox,, SugarSync and others. X-plore File Manager is perfect choice. It is a less a known file managing solution, but is free and exceeds any existing alternatives.

Pros of X-plore File Manager:

+ Beautiful, easy to use interface

+ All the features one would ever need from a file manager app

+ Dual-pane tree view

+ Cloud storage access: Google Drive™, Dropbox, SugarSync,, SkyDrive, Webdav, Yandex.disk

Cons of X-plore:

– Nothing serious to complain about

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