How to get Windows Phone 8 UI on Android, Download LauncherWP8


LauncherWP8 will allow you to get Windows Phone 8 UI on Android. Download the launcher app and replace android lock screen and home screen with Windows phone 8 UI.

Windows Phone 8 UI on Android

LauncherWP8 is a windows phone android launcher originally released in the Google Play Store developed for chinese Android users. The app looks so good that inspired a couple of xda developers to translate it in to english for lucky us. Basically the launcher work as replacement of your lock screen and homecreen with Windows 8 based Modern UI.

Note that once installed and open for the first time, you need to map applications on the default start screen by tapping on icons. It allows you to customize every section of your Android.  The lock screen customisable with various layout, background image and font color can be changed as well. For home screen as you can choose different themes, select how many tiles you want, layout of tiles and the associated app shortcuts & widgets can be controlled. By long pressing on tiles will allow to enter edit mode where you can reposition the tiles or unpin them or tap on the top-left corner of a tile to edit its tittle, background, icon, shortcut and more.

Windows Phone 8 UI on Android, Download LauncherWP8

The fun is not end yet, LauncherWP8 also comes with a Windows Phone-like app drawer that shows apps vertically in alphabetical order which is pleasure to watch if you are in love with Windows Phone 8 UI. Swiping the start screen to left will reveal the App Drawer and Search option. Long pressing on app icon will allow you add the app in homemscreen, hide it or uninstall it.

One interesting feature i like most about LauncherWP8 android app is that it allows to install third-party widgets on homescreen in forms of tiles.

Pros of LauncherWP8 Android app:

+ Beautifully done and looks great

+ Works almost flawless and allows to customize in every aspect

+ Support for third-party widgets

+ Support Android system wallpaper / background set

+ Comes with Windows Phone 8 style lock screen

Cons of LauncherWP8 Android app:

– Slightly sluggish on performance

You can Download the english version of LauncherWP8 apk developed by xda member or if interested checkout the chinese version on Google play store by following the review widget below.