Windows 8 UI Live Tiles running on Android Tablet, coming soon (video)

Windows 8 UI Live Tiles running on Android Tablet

If you haven’t heard about WP7Android UI, this is a project created to bring Windows Phone 7 UI experience on Android device. The project targeted to port the beauty of Windows Phone 7 UI, and user will have freedom to chose which apps they want to look like WP7 from Launcher, Dialer, Contacts, Mail, Message, Browser, Camera, Gallery, Zune-Player. Not only the mentioned apps and Windows Phone 7 lock screen for Android, these smart guys over WP7Android project also managed to port Windows 8 live tiles look with Desktop Visualizer using ADW EX launcher on a Galaxy tablet from Samsung, running Honeycomb 3.1. Let’s watch below the video demo of Windows 8 UI Live Tiles running on Android Tablet:

Though that was basically just an attempt to get the Windows 8 Immersive UI according to the developer, you can hit the source link and ask him for your Tablet or expect for the official version which hopefully will come soon. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to get update on latest WP7Android news. source.