Wikango Speed Trap Locator Android v2.0.2

Wikango for Android is a community of “Smart Drivers” that reports the location of speed or the existence of a danger on the road. With this app, you will get almost immediate notice of any type of incident on the road, either an accident, a construction site or a mobile radar.

Speed Cams Wikango HD

Wikango turns your Android mobile phone into a LIVE warning device: Users not only get the usual warnings for fixed speed camera locations, they can exchange LIVE information about mobile speed controls too! The application displays all alerts that users send real time (whatever they are), the radar fixed, mobile or light and danger areas. Also, to know at all times if we update the incidents, we will display the number of conductors and range of miles that are using community Wikango.

The operation is very simple. Just tap the screen to immediately memorize your position and this information is sent in real time to the community Wikango circulating around you. A second tap on the screen will allow you to classify the information highway, warning if an accident, traffic jam, mobile radar, construction site….

Speed Cams Wikango HD v4.3 features

  • A design and quality ergonomics
  • Exclusive patent Wikango i-Road: accuracy of warnings, the best on the market!
  • MyCar: Customize your vehicle visible to the community (patented)
  • MyMap: map showing all types of radar and bullets
  • MyMusic: manage your playlists from Wikango HD
  • Live System OFF: abroad, get all the information except for information offline LIVE 3G to avoid paying too much on the phone bill
  • Exclusive area mode preview live alerts
  •  Routing Mode with preview incidents on roads up to 50km
  • Routing Mode: Smart number display drivers circulating in front of you in their direction and in the reverse direction
  • Relevance of the alert: display the number of confirmations
  • Real-time display of vehicle and Driver Smart nick flowing in front of you
  • Nick the Smart Display Driver has declared the alert
  • Thanks Function
  • HD Wikango usable features several phones simultaneously not
  • Use Wikango HD EDGE and earn 20% of your battery for long trips
  • Automatic night mode
  • Landscape mode
  • Overspeed beep during the alerts

WIKANGO SPEED TRAP LOCATOR was developed for Android by AlerteGPS
Package name : com.gpsprevent.apk
File size: 14.65MB

Download Wikango Speed Trap Locator v2.02
Wikango Speed Trap apk

Download the latest version of Wikango HD from Play Store

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