WiFi File Explorer PRO for Android Download v1.1.3


With WiFi File Explorer PRO for Android you can Browse, download, upload, delete, copy, stream and generally manage files that are on your mobile phone, using a web browser via a WiFi connection. Wifi File Explorer allows us to send files from mobile phone to PC via Wi-Fi.

 WiFi File Explorer PRO for Android       WiFi File Explorer PRO for Android

WiFi File Explorer PRO is an application for android that once executed gives you access wirelessly to all content on your device through your PC’s web browser. With Wifi File Explorer , and we do not need the USB cable, because we can access our SD card from any wireless network. After opening the application on your device, you will see a screen which indicates the IP address and port number needed to connect, simply open your web browser and write the data in the address bar (URL).

Once connected to your device you can move, copy, delete… any content from your Android terminal to PC. Without using USB cable you can transfer photos, music, videos or any other content you want.

Sync and send files from mobile phone to PC with WiFi File Explorer PRO. The setup of WiFi File Explorer PRO for Android is simple. Just connect the device to the wifi network and enter the app. A window opens with the address in your browser. The app can run in the background when pressing the start button or disconnect if you give back or you leave the app. That if, if you use the free version can only do downloads. The pro version allows uploading files.

No more taking your phone apart to get the SD card out to access your camera pics or copy across your favourite MP3s
WiFi File Explorer PRO was developed for Android by dooblou
Package name : com.dooblou.WiFiFileExplorerPRO.apk
File size: 278KB
Download WiFi File Explorer PRO Android v1.1.3
WiFi File Explorer PRO android apk
There are two versions of this great application. One is free and another paid.
  • android_guru

    this is a must utility needed in android, else the phone can browse only when you consume air time of expensive 3G or 2G ( GPRS ). Its funny to see the application such as web browser is not connected via wi-fi gateway settings or proxy settings.