What is the Best Anti Theft App for Android? Download Avast Mobile Security Android


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On Oct 27, 2012
Last modified:Feb 25, 2013


Avast Mobile Security and Anti Theft is all in one app to protect your Android. Download top rated security app for android now..

Avast Mobile Security is recommended as Best Anti Theft App for Android which is all in one solution to protect Android phone.

What is the Best Anti Theft app for android? The ideal security solution should be provided for free or at an affordable price, have an easy to use UI, fast scanning, and include a firewall and anti-theft module. I noticed two solutions that meet these criteria and one I highly recommend. Sure, maybe there are others. Please add your recommendation below in the comments.

Android App Review Avast Mobile Security and Anti Theft - What is the Best Anti Theft App for Android

Avast! Mobile Security – is by far the solution I most warmly recommend and it is a top rated app. It includes all the tools to cover any potential vulnerability. Scanning is fast and the database is updated regularly. For those who have a rooted smartphone, the solution provides a firewall that blocks Internet access for designated applications. Included a filter for calls and SMS module that can block communication attempts of those with whom you don’t want to interact. For the browser there is an integrated Web Shield.


Avast! includes the most advanced anti-theft solution with the ability to block or delete any information in the system with a simple SMS. Anti-theft solution is installed as a separate module and offers the advantage that it can not be removed by unauthorized person/s. For the best integration this module also requires root access. Other features include a Network Meter and Privacy Advisor along with a widget for system resource management and quick scanning options.

Pros of Avast! Mobile Security for Android:

+ Firewall and Anti-theft modules

+ Great, fast and clean UI

+ Quick scanning and frequent updates

Cons of Avast! Mobile Security:

- Some features require root access

Download Avast! Mobile Security, offered for free and you can get it by hitting the review widget bellow.