Watch and stream Live Online Football Matches on Android with Live Football World Cup 2014 app (Review)


Live Football World Cup 2014 allows anyone, anywhere to watch and stream every moment of the 2014 World Cup live online.

The Football World Cup (soccer in some parts of the world) is upon us once again, and for those that do not want to miss a moment of the action, it’s imperative to have an app that will provide to-the-minute updates no matter where you are located. Luckily, that’s where GZ Systems’ Live Football World Cup 2014 comes into play.

Whether you are at school, work, or even on an overseas trip, Live Football World Cup 2014 promises to keep Android users up-to-date on the latest scores, plays, and wins/losses at the 2014 World Cup. But does it deliver? Find out below to learn more.

+ What We Like

Keeping it simple

Live Football World Cup 2014 android app

One of the shining achievements of Live Football World Cup 2014 is that it keeps things simple yet fully functional. The moment you open the app, you have the option to view the app’s various features all on one screen. From choosing your favorite team (and having the option to follow that team easily within the app for the reason of the tournament) to viewing the schedule of the games to even having the ability to watch a live game directly from a local broadcasting station’s website on your mobile device and so much more, Live Football World Cup 2014 is arguably the simplest yet most powerful World Cup app available on Android at the moment. The moment I opened the app, I knew exactly which feature to select to obtain the information I needed. Making it simple to learn every detail about the tournament, Live Football World Cup 2014 keeps things simple – and for that, GZ Systems should be applauded.

Intuitive UI

Live Football World Cup 2014 andorid app

Bouncing off the idea that everything is simple yet functional, the UI of Live Football World Cup 2014 is certainly simple yet attractive. No need for flashy animations here: Live Football World Cup 2014 presents users with menu-based navigation that will allow anyone to learn about the tournament in a split second. Furthermore, navigating the UI is fast and responsive with zero hang-ups. It’s another testament to GZ Systems emphasis on keeping Live Football World Cup 2014  super simple yet affective.

Watching the tournament could not be easier

Live Football World Cup 2014 goes above and beyond the call of duty to also give users the option to not only view geo-restricted channels with only one click, but also to watch the games in one’s own native language. For example, if you want to watch Brazil vs. Croatia during the first day of the World Cup, but you are currently located in Japan, with one quick click, you can watch the game in its entirety despite the typical geo-restriction in your own native language! Using the technology behind GZ Systems other Android app PureVPN, no matter where you are located in the world, football fans have access to every game in the World Cup. Not only is the team making it convenient to watch every game possible, they are also doing a stellar service for football fans around the world that never want to miss a moment of the action. Again, we have to applaud GZ Systems for essentially streamlining the process of watching all of the actions of the World Cup.

– What We Dislike

Convert the time, please

Unfortunately, to catch every game using Live Football World Cup 2014,users are going to have to convert the listed local time of every game to their own local time. Listed using the 24-hour format used in most of the world, it makes it dually difficult to convert to local time for those that use the 12-hour time format. It would have been quite simple for GZ Systems to ask users where they are located and their preferred time format so they could see exactly when certain games started in their locally converted time so they could watch each game live. To ensure users are able to watch each game as painlessly as possible, it’s a feature GZ Systems will want to think about including in their next update.

Update: “GZ Systems has stated Live Football World Cup 2014 will automatically convert match times to user’s local times in a future update.”


In the end, Live Football World Cup 2014 the most convenient, user-friendly, and powerful football app out there. For those that want to learn everything about the 2014 World Cup, it’s an app that is absolutely a must-have. From providing to-the-minute updates on all of the best World Cup action to bypassing all geo, ISP, and network restrictions, Live Football World Cup 2014 makes it amazingly simple to watch every game during the world’s greatest tournament on the fly. For that, GZ Systems deserves all the praise they receive for Live Football World Cup 2014.