Warcraft Hero Android Download Game v1.1


Warcraft Hero is a Chinese Kongfu of world of Warcraft game for Android Smartphone and Android Tablet. spend 32 person,over 180 days and nights. cost $69 per client at least.

Warcraft Hero Android Game     Download Warcraft Hero Android Game

Its one of the best action game for android any device. It support huge data package you won’t see before. I think, you don’t loose your time.

Full 3D map and hero

If you like Warcraft, come on.

Warcraft Hero was developed for Android by Nullin
Package name : com.tt.warpattern.apk
File size: 1.7MB

Download Farm Warcraft Hero Game v1.1
Warcraft Hero Android apk

Warcraft Hero is a Free Android Game. Download Warcraft Hero from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
  • jonehi

    Uh… what’s with the gramer on this

    • Ernesto Defuge

      The irony of misspelling the word grammar in this sentence is priceless.

      So has anyone figured out what this app even is?

  • a b

    its a FACE

  • scott richartz

    dude, all it’s doing is downloading….anyone else have that problem? I must’ve let it dl for over 2hours and nothing. wth?

    • Ernesto Defuge

      Is this after you downloaded the app, installed and ran it? This sentence in the description should tell you something.

      “support huge data package you won’t see before.”

      I am guessing this means the game itself has a huge amount of data.

      Please let us know if you get it to run.

  • cov


    When the DL is almost done you will see this msg:

    Hello guys!when you look at this, it means you also like me, love the warcraft, hoping to see warcraft at the Android platform , I owned the samw expectations like you . But this is a rare almost to implement impossibly , so I made this application rekindled everyone´s hope and she could be become a reality in some day. hopefully! This is not only a prank, please keep the secret for me, if you like warcraft too, also hope you can give me a pretty awesome feedback! honestly appreciate!

    This is a copy/past text. After u hit the ok the DL will stop

  • sydney

    yea i have spent like 3 times trying to download this and all i got was that message above and it doesnt work so this is a fail so delete this its a fake

  • Uranov

    I can´t download the full game.By 99% the download will be cancel.Can anyone upload the sd data files?

  • ealasaid


    This is a joke and a stupid one at that. First clue was that the grammar of the person who developed this was atrocious. Second when it took so long to download. I removed it and reported it as malicious to the Android Market then uninstalled and ran my virus scan just in case.

  • kuruke

    This ap is a waste of time. Just makes you download to unknowingly receive a dumb support msg from a non WoW crew.

  • Sasa

    FAKE!!! Remove this thread! (Xperia X10)

  • Dinh

    i can not download data gamd

  • palazior