WakeVoice Android App is an interesting Alarm App for Android

Download WakeVoice Android App, A Very Attractive Way to Wake Up Using your Android Phone.

Are you getting late leaving your bed or can’t rise early in the morning? Getting out of bed is certainly not my favorite thing to do in the following situation: the cold, the hangover from the night before, getting ready to go to work and so on and I think I could found more stuffs similar to me. You know one thing that if there is none to knock you that you should now get out from your bed its get for late and late. So, you are promised to get out from your bed early then you should surely make use of your Android. That you can easily get an helpful stuff to make you rise early or getting out of bed early. Fortunately I found the perfect companion to use with my Android smartphone and it made my mornings a lot more pleasant.

Wake Voice Vocal Alarm

Wake Voice by ADNFX Mobile is one of the many choices available on the Store for waking up in an appealing manner. The alarm does exactly what it was made for but if you add a pinch of speech recognition , speech synthesis, weather, horoscope, latest news, you will find that it stands out from the rest.

A male or female voice, as you prefer, will wish you a good morning and inform you of the current time and outside temperature, the  tasks of the day (synchronized with Google Calendar ), the predictions of the stars and the latest news. A little gem is that you can choose if the voice you use is funny or serious.


The app provides very neat and tidy graphics that make it easy to use and very intuitive. Another detail worth mentioning is the ability to change the color of it from cyan by default to other colors (green, pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, red and white). Wake Voice also has the ability to launch an online radio station of your choice and the latest version brings a new option to automatically launch the dock mode when the app is started.

PROS of Wake Voice for Android:

+ Speech recognition and speech synthesis engine

+ Clean and attractive UI

+ Weather, daily news, online radion…

CONS of Wake Voice Android App:

- A little pricey …

Wake Voice Android App by ADNFX Mobile is a paid app available for $2,99 on Play store. But  You can Download WakeVoice TRIAL version from the widget below and try it before you buy.


So, lets grab this awesome companion to make you getting out of bed in time.