VyprVPN – One of the Best Android Vpn app to guard against online threat


Protect your anonymity online on your android smartphone by using the app called VyprVPN.

Having experienced being a prey of several internet hacking this past few weeks, with not only my credit card and Paypal account put into risk, online security and privacy becomes my most concern in the tech world. Little did I realized that as I am enjoying navigating, streaming, and shopping online my privacy had been compromised. This could happen to anyone active in the internet world. Security is, therefore, everyone’s concern.

From the time we connect our devices to the internet, we are already at risk of online snooping. Our devices sends and receives data packets which- if not properly protected- could put us to risk of being hacked. VPN (virtual private network) service is a way to keep us safe, it adds protective measures masking your IP address ensuring secure online transactions. But with numerous VPN services available such as Express VPN, IP Vanish, Buffered and more, choosing the right one that suits your needs and expectations could become quite a task.

There are a lot to consider before finally picking up your VPN but the most important things on the list are:

  • Secure encryption. A good VPN service provider values your privacy which means it should not log your internet sessions and should offer anonymous payments options.
  • Speed. Some users will prefer a VPN service without slowing the internet connection. This is logical as you would not want your internet service to lag off just because of a VPN service. Therefore, security and speed should go together.
  • Server location. A good VPN service should have servers in different countries allowing users to stream online content of the desired country whether it be Netflix, Online TV series or shows, sports, and events.

More and more people rely on smartphones, computers and tablets to communicate and browse online. This means that a VPN app is now a must-have for an android smartphone. An activated VPN service transfers your data packets from your devices to the company servers while maintaining anonymity of your IP address, personal data, internet service provider and also your geographical location.

We put Golden Frog’s VyprVPN service to test if this products could be a reliable solution against hacking without slowing your browsing speed.

VyprVPN - One of the Best Android Vpn app

VyprVPN Free Secure VPN (Free/In app purchase)

It passed the security test.

Golden Frog’s VyprVPN service is company owned and manage which means when you choose their VPN service your data goes to their servers, no third party or leased servers. This means that datas you are sending and receiving are kept private. Golden Frog’s VyprVPN masks your IP, hides your geo location, and therefore protects you from hackers. The software is also constantly updated to ensure reliability and better functionality. And part of their continuous innovation is making the software available for most devices without compromising speed and ease of use.

VyprVPN - android vpn with many server location

Five star on terms of server location.

They have more than 50 server locations worldwide spread across 5 continents. Golden Frog’s VyprVPN service offers you a huge selection of network with over 200,000 different IPs spread over 700 servers around the globe.

VyprVPN - android vpn app speed

Speed test.

With the VyprVPN service initiated, your speed will decrease slightly. This is because of the extra layer of security and hop in your internet connection. This means that your data must pass between source and destination, rather than flowing directly with one route. Though I must stress that the decrease in speed is barely noticeable and it doesn’t affect the efficiency of the software.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • NAT Firewall add-on provides extra security.
  • Supports multi-platform.
  • Internet surfing is still fast.
  • Online storage is a nice add-on.
  • Option to change connection on a per-app basis


The Basic plan allows only one connection and it does not include Nat Firewall and Chameleon though these features will be available when you upgrade your VyprVPN service and connections will be added simultaneously.


VyprVPN is something every active internet user should consider to be installed on their devices. This is most beneficial for people who work while travelling as the app will let you enjoy the privilege, functionality and security of a private network while using a public or unsafe network. Golden Frog’s VyprVPN service price could seem a bit high for a basic VPN service but quality goes with the price tag.

Download VyprVPN Free Secure VPN app


Golden Frog has recently announced that their secure online storage, Dump Truck, will be discontinued effective December 19, 2015. Users are therefore advised to transfer their files out of the program prior to the mentioned date.