VMware Android: Virtualization magic (Switch between two OS) hands-on video

VMware Android Virtualization magic

We are quite familiar with VMware software which turn Desktop to virtual machine and let you run other Operating System virtually. Do you fancy to have virtual machine on your phone? Here we go with the magic application VMware Android demoed at MWC. With VMware Android you don’t have to carry two mobile phones (personal and enterprise) with you. With VMware Android an employer can simply provision and add the new OS replete on an Android Smartphone with all the security policies, remote wipe capability, security, VPN config, mail settings, and all that magic. Or if you are an employee you can just have a personalized OS on a corporate phone where you have a secure setup waiting for you. No bloat ware, no business apps, your company’s IT department don’t know about, no hassle. Imagine the possibilities of using VMware Android and having two different partition running on your Samrtphone where you can switch between two OS in a second. LG just teams up with VMware to bring this magical application on their Smartphones, but it doesn’t mean the app won’t run on other Android handset. Even LG got the exclusive rights there is smart people out there to bring it on your Android Smartphone. For now watch below the Video demonstration of VMware Android app shooted  by engadget.

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