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Did you ever bet on Horse? Want to earn some cash? Virtual Horse Racing 3D for Android is the most realistic 3D horse racing game on smartphone, in which you are a bettor who likes horse racing. In the game you can feel like a real aristocrat on horse races, everything is very natural and realistic. It’s easy, exciting, fun, and highly addictive. Challenge yourself and see how much you can win! This game is for everyone. Even if you’ve never placed a bet before in your life!

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Virtual Horse Racing 3D Android game will allow you to go back to the exciting world of the racetrack! The point of this game is to horse preference on which you intend to place your bet, and the way it will go the full distance and come to a finish line first, you are completely independent. Before you start in, you can look at the jockeys, horses and bet that they do. Each horse has its own abilities, in one such race starts with 8 horses.  At first, your initial bet is only $ 10.So, according to your luck, you can throw more money at each race and win even more. Virtual Horse Racing 3D lets you make multiple bets on the same race. Thus, you can play the three best horses, for example, and when any of them win, will be guaranteed money. In this way you can make a safer bet and guarantee at least a little profit. During matches, you can still check out the track and sound effects when using a headset. At the end of the race, if you win, your income and your wager will be shown on the screen. With this you can make a box and make more bets in the future. The game has very high-quality 3D graphics and excellent sound effects.

+ Wonderful 3D Graphics.
+ Virtual 3D Sound System.
+ Decent gameplay.
+ Straight Bets (Win/Place/Show).
+ Up to 8 runners for the race race.
+ Preview horses/jockeys before betting.
+ Horse details with unique ability.
+ Betting history (last 1) and records.
+ Racing history (last 1).
+ Realtime possible wins calculation.

Download Virtual Horse Racing 3D Android Game v1.00
Virtual Horse Racing 3D Android apk

Virtual Horse Racing 3D is a Free Android Game. Download Virtual Horse Racing 3D from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link below to download the latest version of the game Virtual Horse Racing 3D for Android from Play Store:
  • white fang

    ok guys please tell me if this is a good game becuse im going to download it please tell me

  • h.a.nihal perera

    pleas help .i want download this games

  • Adam

    This is a free app downloadable from the Market. Also the latest version is v1.0.1 which is newer than this.