VarageSale: Virtual garage sale android app (Review)


Shop and sell right from your Android device with VarageSale app!

Shopping is always a fun activity and a great way to bond and catch up with friends especially when everyone is busy with work. But malling could be out of the budget sometimes, not to mention the traffic and parking problems during the weekend. That is when online shopping comes to the rescue. But if budget pulls you down from shopping, there is an alternative: buy with VarageSale android app.

We get our hands on VarageSale android app to know more. Here is what we’ve learned:

VarageSale: Your virtual garage sale android app.

VarageSale is an android shopping and selling app plus more. The app works within a community which means you could buy and sell locally. It is a virtual garage sale wherein you could shop for great deals within your neighborhood and sell your unwanted/unneeded items without going through the fuss. All you have to do is download and install the VarageSale app, find and connect to your community, browse for great deals, and you could even start selling right away! But, slow down there. There are things to consider before you could start selling. VarageSale communities has its rules. It is to protect buyers and sellers, too. For example, you have a replica of a signature bag, and you want to sell it at a low, low price. Varage Sale prohibits selling such items. Selling replica or counterfeit items, gambling items, alcohol and even tobacco is NOT allowed in Varage Sale. As much as you want to be a wise buyer, you should also be a responsible seller. It’s that simple. You could find more infos and full list of prohibited items at the help page of VarageSale.

Getting started

VarageSale android app review

Once you found your nearest community, create an account, connect with your Facebook account and start shopping right away. VarageSale requires members to connect the app to their Facebook account to ensure their identity, but the app does not post on your Facebook account. Deals are made between the seller and the buyer. Admins of the community does not have a say of whom to sell and whom to buy from. Start selling your items within your grasp, with your Android phone. Take pictures of your items, add selling price, brief description and label it accordingly. Once a buyer offers a price for your item and you agreed, mark your item as SOLD. As a buyer, you can find great deals near you, from furnitures, clothing, accessories, jewelries, toys…you name it!

+ Best of VarageSale:

  • Easy to use. VarageSale is simple to use. The app developer seemed to have put UI on the top list.
  • It creates communication within the community. The app promotes harmony and friendship within the locals while having business.
  • Discreet. No unwanted post on your Facebook account. This feature made me love this app since day one. Freedom to choose what will appear on your social media account is one of the good things about VarageSale. If you want your items to be posted in Facebook simultaneously, click the “share on Facebook” option when you upload the images. The app also offers discreet communication between the buyer and seller keeping the conversation away from other members of the community.
  • Members can add something about themselves on their profile to further assure buyers and sellers alike that they are dealing with real people. No ghost buyers and sellers on VarageSale app.
  • Option to customized which products you want to see on your Feed. Uncheck categories you aren’t interested in, and VarageSale app will hide those items from you.
  • Search tab. Searching for particular item is just a keyword away with VarageSale app.
  • Discussion. Members of the community can start/post a discussion, questions, or ads, though business ads are limited and could be taken down by the admins if it is deemed inappropriate.
  • Quick uploading of images of the items to sell. Just press the + sign and options to upload an image or start a discussion will pop up. Press the X to close.
  • Help options. I found this option of the VarageSale app very guiding. Most answers for the FAQs are already posted. If what you want to know isn’t on the list, just send an email to the app developer.

– Downside of the app:

  • A seller can only post one image of the item at a time. It would be better if several images of the item can be posted together, or a zoomed image of the products would appear once you move the mouse on it. This is because a buyer would want to see more pictured detail of the product they are interested in buying. Members are posting more images in the comment section which, in my opinion, should not be.

Download VarageSale app (Free)


VarageSale Android app is an excellent app for people who are business wise. Online shopping became a trend since internet connects more people easily, regardless of time and place. The advantage of VarageSale android app is that it works within community which means members will be seeing items for sale near their area. The seller and buyer can meet at their most convenient time and place and, therefore, can do business comfortably. VarageSale Android app is an ideal way to dispose things that may seem junk to others but treasure to most. Download VarageSale Android app now and start your online garage sale!