Update Android Apps Quickly With App Update Notifier


With so many apps installed on our Android devices we occasionally need to update as developers keep working on them to update with new features. Often we are aware of new updates when the arrive on play store. Wouldn’t it be better to have an app which notify you to update android apps when the become available. App Update Notifier for Android does exactly that.

Having to deal with a great number of hardware configurations most developers are forced to invest in as many platforms as possible for testing their apps and games. And that without taking to long for releasing a highly expected title on the Store. This scenario is most common these days as is the fact that not all developers, if only a few manage to get it right the first time. Only through user comments and further testing can an app be improved to work on as many devices as possible.

App Update Notifier is one of the app notify to update android apps installed as soon as it hit the Play Store. Use App Update Notifier To keep all your apps up to date so you don’t have to worry about waiting for a specific issue with an app to be solved. It also features an optional background service which notifies you automatically if new updates for your installed apps become available. Since the Google Play Store update notifications may take a while to appear, App Update Notifier can bypass the issue and help you get the new version straight away.

PROS of App Update Notifier for Android:

+ Works very fast

+ Highly useful

+ Background service

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