Ulysse Gizmos Android Download v1.5.2 Best tool set on Android for Travel.

Ulysse Gizmos for Android is one of the most useful set of tools to help you in a travel with your Android phone, for anyone who loves sailing. Among its contents find a compass, a speedometer, a GPS, a leveler with bubble, a clinometer, a magnetometer, view maps and seascapes and location capability of the vessel. Ulysse Gizmos is a masterpiece creation of applications of class “all in one”.

Ulysse Gizmos app for Android

Ulysse Gizmos Android is the union of the compass and Clinometer in a single application, but in addition also has the option to display the data from the magnetic field sensor and display the GPS. In particular, with this program you can measure the levels and plumb lines, the distance to the point, the level of the GPS and some other data. The program supports both landscape and portrait mode, but to select the desired position to touch the icon appears when you change the smartphone.

The program includes: a compass, GPS-monitor, level, plumb, a magnetometer, the speedometer, the definition of address, send / receive location, range and bearing to the point, Google-Map. In addition to the functionality of the application has also quite attractive and simple interface. In Ulysse Gizmos have several options for skins and you can set your most vending. The app has almost everything that can be useful in everyday life. The best travel companion with whom you can make your vacation enjoyable.

Ulysse Gizmos was developed for Android by binarytoys
Package name : com.binarytoys.ulysse.apk
File size: 585KB

Download Ulysse Gizmos Android App v1.5.2
Ulysse Gizmos android apk            

Ulysse Gizmos is a Free Android App. You can Download Ulysse Gizmos from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.
Or, you can download it from Play Store directly by using the link below.