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 Ultra Voice Changer for Android is an interesting yet fun application for your Smartphone which allow you to change your previously recorded voice with dozens of fun effects. Ultra Voice Changer will change your voice to some funny voice like Robot, Alien, Chipmunk, Helium etc. Once saved, your vocal experimentation can be send to friends, an application that can entertain you and your friends for a while.

Download Ultra Voice Changer Android App Download Ultra Voice Changer Android App

Want to send a voice massage to your friends and stay unrecognized. Ultra Voice Changer will make your voice totally unrecognizable. Using this application you can talk like an alien or like a metallic robot. The application records your voice and then plays with modifications, has many filters as funny robot voice, Alien, Chipmunk, Helium and Ultra Speed. The operation of the app is simple: Run the program, select one of the effects, record your message, use it and have fun. In the main menu, there are a few basic points. First of all, the record button and microphone sensitivity control. Just below is a menu selection effects, this is where you can turn your voice into something completely unusual and sometimes incomprehensible. Once you’ve recorded something using these voice effects, can save it and add to favorites. From favorites have the option to set the recording as a ringtone, renaming it, share it on social networks, WhtasApp, email etc.

Ultra Voice Changer Android App Included Voice Effects:
Robot, Alien (Here’s your chance to sound like a
Stargate Alien Goauld !), Alien II, Backwards, Chipmunk, Deep, Helium,
Possessed, Echo, Bee, Hyper, Slow Motion
(Note that this product cannot be used to spoof your voice within phone calls.)
When recording a voice, use different volume levels, in order to pick the one that suits your mobile phone. Since the default volume level may not be the most suitable for your device.

If you hear excessive static during playback, try lowering your recording volume and make a new recording using this lower recording volume setting. For more troubleshooting tips, check out: http://www.kimusoft.com/2011/02/ultra-voice-changer-troubleshooting.htm

If you like Ultra Voice Changer Android App then you might get the Deluxe version of Ultra Voice Changer which has features:
1. Additional Voices
Effects available ONLY in the deluxe version:
2. additional Robot Voice
effects (Cylon and other scifi robots)
3. additional Alien Voice effects.
4. other additional voice effects (Fast Backwards – sounds like a foreign language, Deep Metallic – sounds somewhat like Darth, Fast Normal – Hear yourself talk faster than you have ever imagined possible).
You can buy Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer from Andorid Market at 0.99$.

Download Ultra Voice Changer Android App v1.14:
Ultra Voice Changer Android apk

Ultra Voice Changer is a Free Android App. Download Ultra Voice Changer from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.

Or, simply follow the link below to download the latest version of the app Ultra Voice Changer for Android from Play Store

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