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The paid version of TWIDROYD allows you to receive updates and new features sooner. This app helps you to link to articles, videos or photos with your TWITTER account in your Android. Once you’ve integrated your Twitter account on TWIDROYD it will displays the feed in the regular way if you keep your phone in vertical. But if you rotate the screen horizontally it will show two frames.

On the left frame (small one) there will be displayed the tweets and on the right frame you will see a browser preview of the links next to those tweets. Twidroyd PRO (f.k.a Twidroid) is the leading full-featured Twitter client for Android Mobile Phones. The PRO version features extended functionality like multi-accounts or themes. twidroyd has native support for url shortening and fully integrates twitlonger for tweets containing more than 140 characters and plixi, for embedding photos within tweets.

twidroyd PRO Android

twidroyd PRO for twitter 10-09-21 / v4.0.0 features:
* new: LivePreview™ (rotate to landscape to activate) for super fast discovery of links and media
* new: inline preview for plixi and twitpic images in the timeline
* new: unified grid menu for all additional features via more button
* new: header toolbar that incorporates new & refresh
* new: simplified settings page with a lot more structure
* new: color codes for mentions/RTs in the timeline
* new: new profile layout
twidroyd PRO for twitter was developed for Android by Zimmermann & Marban US
Package name : com.twidroidpro.apk
File size: 2.6MB

Download  twidroyd PRO for twitter Android v4.0.0
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