Tweak Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tabs with Wanam Xposed App

Wanam Xposed brings a whole lot of tweaks to Samsung Galaxy phones and Tabs running on custom ROM.

Wanam Xposed is a customization app for Samsung Android devices which allows you to customize Android 4.2 Roms (Samsung based). The app allows lots of modifications such as the transition between screens, transparency in the notification bar, etc. with only root access. . Xposed Wanam for Android opens an amazing amount of customization options for TouchWiz and other settings.

tweak samsung galaxy phones and tabs

If you have a rooted Samsung Galaxy device that runs stock Android 4.2 or later and the desire to play, Wanam Xposed is for you. Wanam Xposed works through the module framework Xposed, which must be installed prior to operation correct. For those who do not know Wanam Xposed is an application that allows you to change the interface “modules” to avoid having to change the phone’s ROM to get another design according to your tastes. Using this app you can get an operating system look very different from standard. With the app it is also possible to modify the interface of the Samsung Galaxy, characterized by TouchWiz, through the installation of the app.

In conjunction with the necessary tools, the application is able to offer the user a long list of modifications through an interesting setup menu. Some of them are:

  • Call Recording, visual and sound settings
  • Changing colors or transparency in the notification bar, battery icon, clock and date.
  • Adjustments Quick translucent, support for other degree rotating screen, dark theme for multiscreen view
  • Hide wireless charging notices or turn the flash from the volume buttons.

Even you can add options to enter recovery mode and download from the reset menu. The modifications are as diverse and interesting as not only affect the appearance of the system. It is also possible to modify some features or even add other different. The best part of the app is that no need to change the ROM of the device, but by “modules” could change colors, fonts and sizes of different elements interface.

Note: The device must be rooted and It Requires Xposed Framework 2.2+ (Bridge API 30+):

More info on Wanam Xposed can be found at xda thread.