Tutorial to force Kies to Update Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Now. RegEdit guide


Samsung has been made available Official Android 2.2 Update for Galaxy S but only in the Nordic Countries. If you can’t hold yourself to get the update right now then follow the steps below. Beware we are not responsible if something goes wrong. We just did it your self and though it might be helpful for you. If you still want to do it proceed or just wait for them to make it available for you. The Method was tested and sucessfull on an internation version of Galaxy S GT-I900

First if you haven’t install Samsung Kies get it from here or Update to the latest version. Run Kies and connect your Galaxy S. Make sure Galaxy S connected and Kies running (IMPORTANT). Now minimize Kies and follow nex step

Go in windows start menu then Run or search for RegEdit. When it’s appear double click to Run

Galaxy S regedit hack

Once it running you will see folders in left hand side. Expand the one titiled HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Galaxy S regedit hack for froyo 2.2

Browse through 


There will then be a few folders numbered from 1. Some people have different number of folders, but the rule of thumb is to browse to the largest (in terms of its numeric value). In here you should see a bunch of registry entries that do not exist in the other folders, such as “SoftwareRevision”. Now change the following entries to these values:


Click on the image below to see in large. You to need to replace those following by arrow with the Value above (just double click on each and copy paste the value)

Galaxy S regedit hack

Once you are done with edit  close RegEdit and Maximize Samsung Kies.  and click the update icon in the bottom right hand corner of the application (second in from the right); it is an icon of a phone with an arrow next to it. Click this and you should see that there is an update waiting for you.

update Galaxy S froyo

It will take a few min (maybe more depending on connection, don’t panic just wait till the end) time to download… good luck!

  • mahsa

    Didn’t work for me,still the same no option thing

  • Dee

    I would like to change my phone back to what it was before, does anyone know what were the original values for “SoftwareRevision”, “ProductCode”, “HIDSWVER” and “DEVCONINFO”??

  • It isn’t working for me!
    I tried editing the registry like you said. Followed the steps as you’ve written them.
    Kies doesn’t even give me an upgrade option! It says I have the latest firmware installed!

  • Faisal

    How can I take back up of my application. Just to avoid reinstall each application after made a factory reset. All my applications are from Android Market.

    • Use MyBackupPro!
      There’s a trial in the Market, i think

  • Faisal

    Thanks for your reply..I updated successfully.It works gr8. I dont have access to all free application in android market as I am in UAE. Could you please suggest me any website to get free android applications…?

  • Faisal


    I am faisal, new to Galaxy S.When I connect to kies, it shows there is a firmware upgrade as below

    current firmware version : PDA:JG8 / PHONE:JG2 / CSC:JG9 (XSS)
    Latest firmware version : PDA:JPG / PHONE:JPE / CSC:JPF (XSS)

    My phone version is 2.1 update1..and I am from UAE. The new update showing above is Froyo 2.2….? Please help

    • admin

      yes, you should do the upgrade. It will make your phone more speedy, more new features and better look

  • Universal

    I have the • Galaxy S, and before I begin to upgrade (I’m a totally novice to all of this…)
    has anyone with the same phone successfully upgraded to the 2.2? I also have verizon as my carrier and I live in the U.S. I apologize if this question was already asked and I overlooked it due to the many postings, thanks 🙂

  • A_Gamal

    I have tried the recovery mode and my phone can go into it (3 buttons trick)

    Kies still update the registry and do not do this trick anymore

    any ideas ?


    I CANT DO it some one help me post a video

  • Northern.dj

    They have removed it and the kies fix will only work on phones that go into recovery mod so check that first mine does not go into recovery mode eg the three buttons

  • ran

    Does Not Work Anymore !!!

  • Inyoka

    Don’t think this is working in Asia. Tried for two days but despite seeing update it can’t be downloaded.

  • pablo

    this is coming from an htc incredible user:


  • Hi , great site.. had done accordingly to the steps but after upgrading the firmware.. i’m still on 2.1
    and it says PDA:JM2/PHONE:JM1/CSC : JM1

    and also it states This device’s version cannot be updated.
    so am i upgrading to froyo 2.2? thanks need enlightenment…

  • Rachel

    Malaysia also the same, kies shows upgrade to JM2.
    Don’t know should I upgrade or not…

  • Raunaq Sachdev

    after the regedit, kies shows upgrade to jm2 firmware and not jp6. what is the difference between jf3 and jm2 and when will froyo officially be released in india(asia)

  • Rachel

    I ‘ve try to copy & paste, but to the step of this : “DEVCONINFO”, the info not complete.
    Can anybody type the correct one for me? Please…

    • admin

      “DEVCONINFO” leave it just blank

  • CJ

    Kies doesnt support the Epic 4g. So therefore this wont work.

  • Tadas

    Everything works for me, but instead of JP6 Kies always suggest upgrading to JM2, witch is not the same, as after update I get some new apps like task manager, navigation and etc, but when I go to “About my phone” menu it still shows Eclair as firmware version….

    Any comments on this issue ?

  • Pet

    All this comments wouldn’t be written if people would read before they ask…every beginner thinks that he can act like somebody who works with all the methods for years.

    NOGO: Do…scream for help…cry cause it doesn’t work
    GO: Read…think…then do

  • Crampeye

    Steve: One way is to get a mate with the galaxy s and the astro file explorer, browse the root (from /sdcard press the up button) and the system folders. There is a folder containing all the factory .apk’s. Bluetooth the market.apk to your phone then install.

    Another is to search the internet for it. Someone is bound to have put it up there.

    • steve

      thanks for your reply, I did a factory reset and all is working perfectly now


  • Thyk

    Mr. Kies never work… I used like 4 computers

  • Bart

    5 min after playing with it…it’s super smooth and everything looks sharper.
    Even having almost 2000 score and lagfix installed now with 950 score phone performs muuuuch better.


  • Bart

    Went fine form me. Had a rooted jp3 and OCLF one click lagfix. All i have done is disable lagfix without uninstalling it.
    Got JP6 in the end. Had almost 2000 score in quadrant now with JP6 – 950 but hey… it is Samsung official and feels pretty fast too!

    Good luck

  • Bart

    Went fine form me.Had a rooted jp3 and OCLF one click lagfix. All i have done is disable lagfix without uninstalling it.
    Got JP6 in the end. Had almost 2000 score in quadrant now with JP6 – 950 but hey… it is Samsung official and feels pretty fast too!

    Good luck

  • Mia Lazar

    I’ll must inform my friend which using Samsung to look this article, cool.

  • mcphearson

    Worked great for me, slow reboot worried me but you just have to wait and let it take its time.

    love froyo

    thanks for the guide

  • Fabio

    make a back up of your stuff on samsung kies and reset to factory stuff

    • steve

      Fabio, thanks it worked perfectly….

  • steve

    everything works fine, I just no longer have the Android market icon, how can I fix that please?

  • Nico

    Voice control is nice. very good.

  • Nico

    Working for me. regedit works fine.
    first time reboot is slow. second step for me is find out: are the update’s take effect.

  • Rob

    Im tired of Samsung updating everthing except the BEHOLD 2. I can’t use anything. Im also tired of renaming the 10,000,000,000,000 problems of the phone. What’s going on???????!!!!!!

  • zahir

    So confusing, some say recovery mode not working, killed the phone, made the phone more slow. Please clear these confusions :(……I tried this and it worked, then had to abort after reading these comments. is it 100% safe without bricking the phone or not getting the 3 button problem?

  • darren

    after upgrade 2.2, had to factory reset to clear all stuffs.


    I cant even use Kies I still get the MTP error

    • Jason

      I got the same proble but i fixed it. You should find and delete or give a shorter name to the files with names larger than 16 characters

    • Jason

      send me and email and I give you a link to download the program I used to find those files. I got the problem after adding some book in nook, it created files with huge names

      jasonjdgr at gmail dot com

  • Slobodan

    Good day.
    In Serbia, a possible update to the latest version Froyo Kies.
    The last “dinosaur” from the Android platform has finally Froyo.
    I successfully “update” Galaxy S to the latest version known as Froyo (or “frozen yogurt).
    You need to make four changes to the regedit in your computers and you have the latest version Kies.In computers changed in regedit make sure that nothing is a mistake and it is best that the correct link on the internet use the copy-paste the data.
    Now when you type * # 1234 # is obtained:
    PDA: I9000XWJP6,
    PHONE: I9000XXJPM,
    CSC: I9000XEEJP4,
    Buil Info: 2010.10.
    Everything went just fine. Everything works very fast and well. The video clip is in MP4 format. See it on YT.
    There are also novelty among other potupni crossing into Serbian and in all languages in Europe.
    Hi all with Samsung Galaxy S.

  • rohit

    please tell me how to upgrade galaxy 3 i5801

  • lee

    has anyone got this to work ?

  • Flo

    worked.for me

  • Mike

    DO NOT TRY THIS METHOD if you do not have the 3 button download mode.. otherwise you’ll end up like me and will have to send in your phone for repairs..


    • Northern.dj

      Snap i got the phone and pc logo there are a batch that can not go in to recovery mode

  • anthony amato

    i did this and updated my phone through kies but the update slowed my phone down and it now randomly vibrates every few minutes. how do i fix this problem!?!

    • elvin

      have you found a solution.. same thing was happening to me 🙁

      • anthony

        Yeh i found a solution to the problem u have to turn swype off. Im not sure if it will work u for u also but my phone is working properly.as for the market ive got no clue, sorry elvin

  • Mike

    The worst part is that I cannot get into recovery/download mode by holding vol up/down, home and power buttons..
    what can i do?

  • Mike

    I think this method just killed my phone 🙁

    I followed your exact instructions, it updated, everything went smooth, but after the update, all I have now is a black screen.

    Any ideas what I should do now?


    • oleolesen

      Go into recovery mode and reset to factory stuff, I had the same problem but that fixed it. Froyo runs really great !

      • mike

        if only I could, I know a factory reset fixes everything.. but 3 button recovery doesn’t work for me..

        • Sunny

          Use AndroidSDK to fix… It worked for me!

      • Ajith

        wat abt the warrenty..