Turn your regular speakers into wireless speaker with an Android device


Enjoy apple’s airplay feature right on your regular speakers using an android phone or tablet. Stream audio from PC, Laptop to Andorid or android to android.

Fancy to enjoy the airplay system apple offered on their devices? Airplay let’s user to enjoy content from their devices to apple tv or any airplay compatible devices or speakers. For those who can’t afford to buy a wireless speaker system can easily turn their regular speaker into a wireless speaker as almost any andorid device are cappable to act as an AirPlay/DLNA server and receiver.

Using an android device you can easily stream audio from your laptop, PC or even from another Andorid device to your speaker. All you need to install a few app on your device, connect in the same WiFi network, plug the speakers through 3mm headphone jack and you are ready to go.

How to stream audio from MAC laptop to Android?

stream audio from mac to android
First all you need to install an app called AirBubble which will turn your andorid device into full featured Airplay or DLNA receiver. Now connect your device and the laptop in the same WiFi network. Launch Airbubble on your device and connect with speakers. Now if you are using a MAC open iTunes, play a song and you will notice a button alongside the volume slider in the top left hand side of iTuens. Click the cast button and chose your andorid device as audio output. Start enjoying music wirelessly.

How to stream audio from Windows PC to Android?

stream audio from windows pc to android
To stream audio from windows PC to android you need to install a client on your pc called AirFoil which can send any audio from your PC to AirBubble. With Airfoil you can transmit the audio to your android device on the same network and enjoy music wirelessly.

How to stream audio from Android to Android?

stream audio from android to android with Streambels AirPlay/DLNA Player
If you have an extra old andorid device lying around then you can also enjoy music from your android phone wirelessly. Install AirAudio – AirPlay for Android on the sender device. AirAiduo will cost you $4,99 but the app is capable to send any audio from any app to Airbubble. If you can’t afford to buy the app you may consider the free Streambels AirPlay/DLNA Player which comes with integrated music player.

Hope you’d enjoy the tips above. Please do share the trick with your friends and try it on your next party.