Turn Galaxy S4, S4 Zoom, S4 Active Into a Galaxy Note 3


Let’s see How To Turn Your Galaxy S4, S4 Zoom, S4 Active Into a Galaxy Note 3.

Given the number of smartphones Samsung launches every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to decide which one to buy. We all want the might and speed of the S4 line while at the same time the productivity features of the Note lineup. While we all know there is no such thing as the perfect mobile device, there are still those willing to “borrow” from one to another.


2013 may as well be remembered as the year Samsung launched its flagship devices. We have the powerful king of the S-line, the Galaxy S4 also coming as the S4 Zoom and Active. We also have the highly anticipated galaxy Note 3 bringing a great set of productivity features and top-notch hardware. For those who willing to borrow a few of the coolest features from the Note 3 to the Galaxy S4 or other mentioned handset, XDA Developers now offers a thread courtesy of its senior member TransformixS4 that offers the tools to do just that.

In order to give your S4 the feel of the Note 3 you will first need a set of tools. One of these is a moded version of the stock launcher that you can get here. Most of these require that you own a rooted device and are only designed for advanced users. Following it’s a multi-window theme and some of the newer versions of the apps extracted from the Note 3. You can find all you need and more here and also don’t forget about the ringtones, wallpapers and more that we have already covered in the dedicated article.

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