Transformers G1 : Awakening Android Download Game v1.0.0


Transformers G1 : Awakening Android Game. After 4 million years, a volcanic eruption awakens the TRANSFORMERS. Use the strengths of each AUTOBOT to defeat the DECEPTICONS in turn-based strategic battles. You must capture sources of Energy power to reactivate, repair or upgrade your TRANSFORMERS. Get ready for epic moments on your Android Mobile Phone. This is more than meets the eye!

Transformers G1: Awakening for Android

If you are a fan of the Transformers series, then you will like this game. Transformers G1: Awakening game for Android is a pretty good game inspired by the series of old cartoons. This game is characterized by showing the typical battle between the Autobots and Decepticons with a very interesting plot and similar to the reality of the series. In this Transformers game for Android platform, you have to control an Autobot or Decepticon in the attempt to destroy the rival party. At the same time, players must capture sources of Energon to be able to repair, upgrade or reactivate their Transformers. Every battle in the game is turn-based and offers players the ability to use the strategy and strength, as well as special moves to find your way to victory. Apparently, the game comes with excellent graphics and is also said to be able to offer great game for fans, even if you have to enjoy it on the small screen of a phone, and not greater.

Some of the main features of the new Android game include:

  • 23 characters from the original series (Soundwave).
  • 17 level off in story mode.
  • Play as an Autobot or a Decepticon.
  • 3D graphics and special effects.
  • Transform! Yes you can turn on the vehicle matching any Transformer you are currently using (Vehicle Mode).

Transformers G1 : Awakening game for Android was developed by glu mobile
Package name: transformers-g1-1.0.0.apk
File size: 1.02MB

Download Transformers G1 : Awakening Android v1.0.0
Transformers G1 android apk
  • Hey nice find! I didn’t know there are transformers games for android platform, and since I own Samsung i9100, I m gonna go and look at the market place. Thanks!

  • Sebek

    Great post. Interesing information about Transformers G1 : Awakening


    Well what a load of rubbish boring and the controls are well naff

  • Nagrom

    Pretty good game, and a must for all TF fans