Traffic Rush Android Download Game. TRAFFIC RUSH’S BACK!

Traffic Rush is an interesting game of skill and reflexes to play on your Android devices in which you will act as a traffic controller of a town to organize the city traffic, where no driver pays attention to traffic lights or what passes before them that’s why road accident is rising in the city. In Traffic Rush game your job is prevent vehicles from colliding with each other that can help them reach their destination without any altercation. To get it, you can speed up, slow down or stop vehicles in any of the four directions of the crossing.

Traffic Rush Android      Screenshot of Traffic Rush Android

Take the charge of a city traffic in this fun traffic control game and prove yourself a good traffic Rush Controller. The game will test your skill and reflexes. The screen puts you at a crossroads in circulating all types of vehicles in all possible directions and you have to control the traffic to prevent accidents. Adjust the speed and direction of vehicles. The controls are very simple and well-defined. When you want to make a vehicle stop, simply click on it on the touch screen, and it will stop. to resume the march just drag your finger on the car in direction in which you want them to drive. Stream of cars will gradually increase so you need to pay more attention later in the game.

The game is very simple but addictive, with good graphics and sound, a decent time Killer game for you. Also, you have the opportunity to compete with other players in the league table and reach the first place! Get ready to control the traffic of your city and do not let the cars collide.

Download Traffic Rush Android Game v1.1
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Traffic Rush is a Free Android Game. Download Traffic Rush from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
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