Totem Runner Android – An Endless Running Game


Save the world in Chilliong’s new Endless running Game Totem Runner Android.

Totem Runner for Android is an endless runner game for your smartphone where be a brave hero. Your job is to perform a shaman with mystical powers of transformation in wild animals, go through many obstacles and traps on the way to the next. The protagonist of the game has the unique ability to transform at will into an eagle, rhinoceros or dragon to overcome the obstacles that arise in his way.

Totem Runner Android game

Simple gameplay, interesting idea and a great style for every fan should appreciate the dynamic 2D-runners. When the world threatened by a malevolent darkness a brave warrior rises, fearless and ready to run to the middle of the battle. His confidence was strengthened by the mystical ability to transform into different characters. Take the form of a boar, an eagle or a dragon replace the typical jumps and attacks with a backlight aesthetic that is pretty good. Totem Runner proposes a frantic race over five worlds where the ability to transform our protagonist gives the original point.

The protagonist of the game runs through the ancient ruins, jungle and other stunning beauty of the scenery, have to avoid full of obstacles such as thick vines, precipices, hunters, fortunately, with his rich talent for reincarnation. Simply touch the screen – and the character immediately takes the guise of a crow, wild boar or a dragon. By combining in the right order different forms, we overcome the danger: Raven helps fly around the pit, wild boar sweeps away all obstacles , etc. The most impressive is the form of the dragon – translucent fire-breathing beast flies forward, sweeping away everything in its path, until the next checkpoint. You need to collect a certain number of crystals to activate the option.

Totem Runner Android is an easy 2D runner, but with a fairly decent graphics and good sound quality. ACTION FANTASTIC Transform into beasts, dragons and back to a warrior as you charge through the world defeating evil! WORLDS AMAZING A single one? Style silhouette, haunting music and incredible animation you dive into the mystical world of Totem Runner. An incredible journey Run, fly and fury through five chapters of compelling game. The challenges are many Become a Sorcerer, the Lord of the Stars, or even the Great Shadow completing challenges in the game.

Totem Runner Android game is free to download on google Play Store.

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