Toss it Pro Android Download Apk v1.8.1

Toss it: Pro v1.8.1 is a Simple but surprisingly addictive time-killing game on Android Mobile Phone. Toss a ball of crumpled paper into a waste bin. Have got an old phone you no longer need?You can toss it too! Enjoy!

Toss It Pro Android

Toss it Pro is a game that involves dunk a ball in a trash controlling the wind produced by a fan. It has a pretty neat interface and simple, however it is a great game that will help you spend those idle hours with your Android phone.

Toss It offers two different levels- “TV Room” and “Graffiti Office”. “TV Room” is more for beginners, while the “Graffiti Office” may be a bit trickier because the trash can be further. You will get one point for each ball of paper that falls into the container. This is not as easy as it sounds. A fan in the corner redirects the trajectory of the shot and you can bypass it. Before each launch, we have to take into account the factor of wind speed fan to perfect your aim.

The highest score and the current number of points are shown live during the game. Toss It has several different difficulty levels and online leaderboards for each. We can also climb the highest score to compare it with all others. We will need lots of practice to get to the top of the scoring table if we do not share our score through the “Submit Score”, the highest score is eliminated.

All background sounds, including paper fan and hitting the metal trash are very well done and add charm to this relaxing game. We can always turn off the sound in the home screen. In addition to the sound, you also have the option to disable display vibration and wind speed.

Toss It Pro was developed for Android by Boolba Labs, LLC
Package name : com.boolbalabs.tossit.fullus
File size: 3.18MB

Download Toss it Pro Android apk free v1.8.1
Toss it Pro android apk
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