Top 10 Free Android Apps just in on Google’s Play Store


Top 10 Free Android Apps This Week : Flud, AutoInput, a few messaging apps and more..

As we always bring you the best of what can be found on the Play Store, this week will not be an exception.

Here are the top 10 android apps that just came out and you should have download.

Flud - Torrent Downloader for android

Flud – Torrent Downloader

Flud is a comprehensive torrent client for Android with a nice design in the purest Holo style, and it works perfectly on any android device equipped 2.3 or up. The app comes with some very interesting features, such as recognition of magnet links, support encryption, the ability to choose the files you want to download, etc. If you like to download music, movies, or programs it may be your solution. It is one of the best Torrent clients for Android.

Download Flud Here (Free)

AutoInput android apps of the week


AutoInput is a Tasker plugin that provides new functionalities to handle your device automatically. With this plugin app you can create voice commands on your Android and handle your Smartphone or Tablet with voice only, which greatly promotes the use of your device as there is no need to make many steps for a particular function or application to run.

Download AutoInput Here (Free)

Snowball Beta android messaging app

Snowball Beta

Snowball is an Android application that can be considered as a notification center where you can view at any time, the messages you received in each of your messaging and social networking apps. This free app shows messages from all your social apps in one place (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google Hangouts, Twitter, WeChat, Line, Slack and SMS). Messages from each and every of these platforms are grouped into a single inbox.

Download Snowball Here (Free)

Microsoft Xim for android

Microsoft Xim

Microsoft Xim allows you to display your photos as a slideshow on the devices of your friends to avoid having to send them or display them from the screen of your mobile. Select the photos you want to share with your contacts using your email or mobile number. The application will send a link to contacts so they can view photos, either from the app or from a web link.

Download Microsoft Xim Here (Free)

FolderSync Lite for android

FolderSync Lite

FolderSync is an application to sync between files stored on cloud servers such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive with local folders and the memory card in the device. With the app you can manage your files – both ways – of all types, saving and sending content from the cloud to your device simply.

Download FolderSync Lite Here (Free)

Skype Qik- Group Video Chat app for android

Skype Qik: Group Video Chat

Skype Qik proposes is a new way to video chat with your friends, individual and group chat. Skype Qik is a new social video messaging app that lets you record videos up to 42 seconds long and share with your contacts. The videos will be available for viewing for exactly two weeks or you can manually delete the video if you want. Use Skype Qik is simple.

Download Skype Qik Here (Free)

Squawkin app for android


Squawkin is powerful real-time messaging app that can send multiple file formats simultaneously, as well of having several privacy and security tools. Squawkin has some main unique features such as the ability to send audio, text, pictures and location at a time, with an extra powerful options for privacy.

Download Squawkin Here (Free)

Cotap - Business Messaging app for android

Cotap – Business Messaging

Cotap is a new secure instant messaging app focused on companies. Cotap provides seamless communication between peers of the same entity, either individually or in groups. No need to exchange numbers or ‘friend’ anyone first to start using Cotap, just with your email address you can access all the benefits this instant messaging application gives you.

Download Cotap Here (Free)

Got an app to suggest for fellow android users? Please spare a few seconds to share the android app in the comments from below. When you’re done, have a look at our weekly android apps round up showcase.