Top Android Games of The Week on The Play Store, Free to Download


It’s time to download some new Android Games on your Device. Don’t worry about finding them, We did the job for you.

Check out our weekly list for Top Android Games Of The Week! Each of them chosen by the quality of gameplay, sound, graphics and user review.

Here we go with the latest edition of the best free android games of the week.

Floorless Fortress Room Escape

8.6Download Floorless Fortress Room Escape (FREE)

Floorless Fortress is an addictive arcade action game for android where your goal is to escape from every room. The game provides over 70 challenging levels. You’ll have to avoid the traps while walking through the rooms and collect all the fruit to score the most points.

MARVEL Future Fight

8.5Download MARVEL Future Fight (FREE)

Make a team of the most famous superheroes of Marvel Universe and embrace on a journey to save the universe. The game provides everything you can expect from Marvel Universe and offers you to fight a lot of enemies in dynamic battles. In multiplayer games for android mode, you can play three on three battles with players from around the world.

The Domingos

8.0Download The Domingos (FREE)

The Domingos is a physics based puzzle game for Android that uses the “Domino effect” as a core mechanic in a wild west setting. If you love being challenged in the cranium, The Domingos is a game you must try. Start your journey and try to solve 65 levels of mind-bending puzzles.

Bears vs. Art

8.2Download Bears vs. Art (FREE)

Bears vs. Art is a challenging game for Android dedicated to android puzzles. In this game, your goal is to drive a bear who hates art galleries of the museum. Take it to the art gallery and smash as many art works as you can with its powerful claws. Always looking to use the fewest possible moves and avoiding the pitfalls that rich people have for you.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0

7.2Download Disney Infinity (FREE)

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 is an entertaining game in which you can create your worlds and your games to play on them with the 60 characters of the franchise from Disney and Marvel. The game allows you to synchronize the game with the versions of PC and consoles to continue your game on any platform. You can also play and build Toy Boxes with your friends through their online games.

Nightmares! 3D

7.8Download Nightmares! 3D (FREE)

Nightmares 3D is a survival shooter game where you need to fight monsters in order to save your own life. Take your weapons, run as fast as possible and aim to kill: the monsters are everywhere and will not save your life, then shoot first!


8.0Download BOOST BEAST (FREE)

In Boost Beast, mixing puzzle and defense, your mission is to defend the King and destroy all monsters and zombies that appear in your way. Combine the colorful animals on the board for them to fight against zombies in the battle that goes on top of the screen.

Start playing the top picks above. Also don’t forget to share your recommendation for the next week. For more top free android games checkout our android games of the week section.

  • You forgot to mention the super addicting game Flip Flop 🙂

    Oh also, knights of pen and paper 2…. amazing 🙂

  • Walter

    Are you really advertising to get the new Dungeon Keeper? This “game” is so disgusting with the insane price of the in app purchases that even the creator of the original said it is idiotic. EA really destroyed a amazing game with this monstruosity.