Top 10 Free Games for Android (June 9-13, 2014)


Our favourite top 10 free games for android among the recent releases on google play store.

Top 10 Free Android Games of the week

When you have an Android device, one of the bonuses is the wide range of choices you have for games to download. Some of these will require internet access while others can be played offline. Some are multiplayer and some are single player. Here are ten of the best Android games worth checking out.

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic for android

This is the latest update of the favorite Angry Birds games. This free game includes new epic battles, worlds, characters, and weapons along with the humor and quirky characters you love from the Angry Birds franchise.

Download Angry Birds Epic Here

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Summoners War- Sky Arena - android games of the week

This game allows you to explore the world within it and search for Mana Crystals. You can summon more than 400 different monsters to battle in the Sky Arena while enjoying breathtaking graphics, the ability to upgrade your monsters, and an auto mode for easier playing.

Download Summoners War Here

Bakery Story: Soccer World

Bakery Story- Soccer World android game

Bakery Story: Soccer World is one of the versions of the popular free game Bakery Story. In it you can decorate your bakery, bake goods, make special treats for Soccer World and even decorate your bakery for the World Cup.

Download Bakery Story: Soccer World Here

Space Pirates: Final Battle

Space Pirates- Final Battle android game

In this game you captain your spaceship and get to build it while leading your crew in battles against other space pirates. This game included battles against other online players and is completely free. You can completely customize your ship and use your skills to earn resources.

Download Space Pirates: Final Battle Here

GUNSHIP BATTLE : Helicopter 3D

GUNSHIP BATTLE - Helicopter 3D for android

In Gunship Battle you pilot a helicopter and travel around the world suppressing terrors and wars. This battle action game uses 3D graphic technology, military information, and flight control stimulation. You can use different combat helicopters and mount various weapons to personalize the game.

Download Gunship Battle Here

Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi Free

Toy Defense 4- Sci-Fi Free game for android

In Toy Defense 4, you are a fighter and commander and have to help save the world from robots trying to control the universe. There are 72 missions as well as 8 different kinds of enemies. You can get achievements, play with or against friends, and take advantage of gameplay bonuses.

Download Toy Defense 4 Here

Overkill Mafia

Overkill Mafia game for android

This game is an updated version of the classic types of pick and shoot games you would find in arcade. Your job is to build your empire and climb the ranks of the mafia until you reach the top spot. You can use bribes, weapons, fights, and more to advance.

Download Download Overkill Mafia Here

Throne Rush

Throne Rush android game

In this game you build and protect a village using your soldiers and other resources. This interactive game is like many others, but stands out with its fun and unique graphics.

Download Throne Rush Here

Wonder Wood

Wonder Wood android game

Wonder Wood has you help find the cute animals that have disappeared. You can decorate the landscape, clean up some mess, grow food for animals, building homes, and keeping them clean. This game is great for all ages.

Download Wonder Wood Here

Cross Horizon (Global)

Cross Horizon (Global) game for android

This free RPG game lets you combat in real time by tapping and swiping. You can use magic to combine your armor and weapons and grow stronger. The game also allows you to interact with friends and enjoy beautiful graphics, both of monsters and fields.

Download Cross Horizon Here

We are pretty sure that this week you will spend plenty of time playing games as the list above included highly addictive Top 10 Free Games for Android. Don’t forget to let us know your reaction in the comments.

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