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Download the most popular latest android games from September 3rd week, 2014.

Folks, here we are again with another list of the free latest android games chosen from the last week releases on Play Store. As always, we included some of the best new android games in terms of quality gaming. On this page you will discover games wroth downloading that you may not notice easily. Best of all, these games are absolutely free!

Let’s checkout Top Free Games for Android from last week.

Spider-Man Unlimited top free android games

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited for Android is an endless runner in 3D full of missions, enemies and levels to overcome. This is the first endless runner type game of Spider-Man where your character will move steadily forward, while avoiding obstacles, collect objects and swing cobwebs into your enemies to defeat them. You will have to deal with the Sinister Six, starting with The Green Goblin in the first chapter and the Vulture in the second (the rest will be available later). Graphically the game is fantastic and makes you feel like you’re playing in a comic.

Download Spider-Man Unlimited Here (Free)

Star Clash - Free Latest Android Games

Star Clash

Star Clash for Android is a game of strategy, skill and a lot of action on a battlefield. In this game you need to strike the enemy as early as possible to win, and be able to recover your life using the correct movements. You must connect the stars that appear on the screen to through them against your opponents or gain HP and try to win battles ASAP. The stars are only connectable when they are open. As the game progress you can unlock new characters, new enemies and mind-bending stages with the money you earned during your mission.

Download Star Clash Here (Free)

Indy Cat - best match 3 android game

Indy Cat

Indy Cat is a Candy Crush style puzzle game for Android starring a cute kitten with an air of Indiana Jones. Just like other games of this type you have to combine three or more objects of the same color to make them disappear. The game features multiple scenarios divided into several phases, providing fun for several hours for you to enjoy games of this style.

Download Indy Cat Here (Free)

Boogey Boy android casual game

Boogey Boy

Boogey Boy is a 3D side-scrolling runner game for Android, in which the objective is to collect the three cells that carry the torch, since light is the only way to stop the monsters. You will have to dodge the various objectives that appear onscreen by jumping or using the platforms, while collecting batteries. Each phase has a different boogeyman and you must collect all batteries in order to complete a level. Jump onto different types of platforms and collect all the batteries before the monsters get you.

Download Boogey Boy Here (Free)

Iconic - android icon game


Iconic for Android is an interesting game that challenges you to translate icons into words. With this fun trivia game you can test your knowledge and skills of visual language and pop culture. The game features more than 200 hand-drawn icons in different categories, including movies, music and people (More categories will be available soon).

Download Iconic Here (Free)

cZeus Puzzles game for android

cZeus Puzzles

cZeus is an innovative puzzle game for agile minds that combines Sudoku with math. In it, do not just focus on completing the spaces without repeating the number. Here, you need to solve mathematical operations and complete the entire board before time runs out. It is much more challenging than usual Sudoku games.

Download cZeus Puzzles Here (Free)

HELI HELL android helicopter game


In this game Heli Hell, you need to control a helicopter in the middle of a war and try to kill as many enemies as possible. Fly dodging bombs and missiles and hit the enemies before they attack you to complete missions and earn money. The game recalls the classic River Raid on gameplay, since you need to fly forward, kill the enemy ships and avoid bombs.

Download HELI HELL Here (Free)

Red Bull Air Race The Game for android

Red Bull Air Race The Game

The official game of the Red Bull Air Race based on a real sporting event held for ten years and is in a race full of obstacles to be played at full speed. This is a simulation game that will put you to dispute the busiest air World Cup. Here, you are able to challenge the top 12 names in the sport and visit cities known by fans of the sport, as Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas and Putrajaya. In this game you must drive a plane perfectly in Air Race from more than 200 available missions to become the most famous in air race world cup.

Download Red Bull Air Race Here (Free)

Twin Runners android game

Twin Runners

Twin Runners is a great game that will make you angry by its level of difficulty, but it will become a challenge of skill and patience. Twin Runners requires you to control two bars in different ways, which made the same movements, but encountering different obstacles.

Download Twin Runners Here (Free)

For mores Top Free Games for Android from previous weeks browse through our Android Games of the Week section. Also share your favorite games of the week with us on the comment section.

  • Peter

    you could add Friendly Dogfight (2player) to the list. It’s one of the few good 2 player games