Top Free Games for Android (July, 2nd Week)


Download most popular and top free games for android from July 2nd week, 2013.

Folks, we are here again with another list of free android games chosen from the last week releases on Play Store. As always, we included some of the best new android games in terms of quality gaming. On this page you will discover games wroth downloading that you may not notice easily. Best of all, these games are absolutely free!

Let’s checkout Top Free Games for Android from last week.

Battle Dragons

Battle Dragons top free android games

This multi-player online game will let you fight against hundreds of thousands of other Dragon Tribes worldwide. A really cool Battle & Build game from Spacetime Studios. Command your dragon army, battle and build, grow more powerful.

Skiing Fred

Slide, dodge and drift through this top action-sports game featuring a unique free-movement system. With plenty of customization options, many vehicles, tons of special moves, enemies and traps, this is the best skiing game ever.


Run, jump, climb, hang, swim, zip, slide, and even fly! on Diversion android game what developer called new Platform Runner genre game. Featuring 200 levels, 5 Worlds and 600 characters, this dead simple one touch control game lets you unlock a huge number of hazards. So what will be your next diversion?

Busy Beaver

A fun and unique twist of the classic tetris game. Collect tetris-style blocks as many as possible without letting them hit your head. As the name suggest, you will be busy to save yourself not to get crushed. Simple gameplay yet very addictive.

Smash Spin Rage

If you like heavy graphics oriented game, 3d environment and lots of battle then Smash Spin Rage os for you. You have just a ball and chain as your hero to spin to destroy monsters.

Airport Scanner

This fun, fast paced game lets you work as a TSA X-ray observer. Your job is to scan things and not letting bad guys taking stuff onto flights. Find illegal items and get flights out on time. Work through five airports, upgrade your x-ray scanner and complete all missions.

Cross Horizon

Download Cross Horizon on Play Store A good RPG Action game for android to enjoy! Fight against hordes of monsters. You will get chance to collect massive loots and use them in black market to upgrade your weapons. Outfit yourself in magic armor and master the art of sword, axe and spear to fight the Bandit King! at final showdown.

What’s the Phrase Free

Zynga team are in a chain of releasing a new words games in every few weeks. What’s the Phrase Free is a good game to pass your boring time. Guess the Phrase faster than your friends or opponent across the world! on the luck of What’s the Phrase’s wheel. For mores Top Free Games for Android from previous weeks browse through our Android Games of the Week section. Also share your favorite games of the week with us on the comment section.