Top Free Games for Android from Last Week


Weekly Android Gaming round-up of the top free games for android.

Folks, we are back again with our weekly presentation of best free android games. This week we’ve got some good titles to keep you busy until we prepare another list of new android games. Checkout the list below and suggest your favorite names that we should include in our list.

Here are the top picks of the best free android games from last week.

Terra Battle

Terra Battle - android game of the weekTerra Battle is a new RPG game for Android that tells the story of a group of warriors who travel to the center of the planet to discover the secrets of something known as The Maker. This is turn-based battles on a board where you get to know your team and it is essential to know how to place them on the battlefield for flanking or chain attacks. Initially, Terra Battle has 150 characters and moving the fight will be based on grids.

Download Terra Battle Here (Free)

Galaxy on Fire

Galaxy on Fire android game

Travel the galaxy with your commander, conquest new resources and territories. Galaxy on Fire – Alliances is a strategy game for Android that puts the player in the role of an up-and-coming commander of the Terrans, Nivelians or Vossk. Determined to claim and conquer a hitherto unknown part of the galaxy known as the Nebula Shroud, set out to seek fame and fortune beyond the final frontier.
Download Galaxy on Fire Here (Free)

Cars: Fast as Lightning

Cars: Fast As Lightning is a new game from Gameloft and Disney Interactive, and invites you to participate in racing at full speed with Rayo McQuenn and characters from the popular Disney animated film.
Download Cars: Fast as Lightning Here (Free)

Yes Chef!

Yes Chef android restaurant gameSwap and match ingredients to beat each level. Yes Chef! is a game where you need to combine items forming the same type of groups with at least three of them. Yes Chef is divided into stages and each one you have a goal that must be achieved.
Download Yes Chef! Here (Free)

Monster Hill Racing

Monster Hill Racing game for android

In the game Monster Hill Racing you must drive a snowmobile in a hostile environment. You need to escape the Bigfoot while jumping by hills and snow-capped mountains and collects coins, with which you can improve your vehicle and leave the easiest escape.

Animals vs. Mutants

Animals vs. Mutants is a mix of action, strategy and tower defense games where your goal is to lead a rebellion that animals need to attack to defend against a mad doctor who is using the little critters for insane experiences. Lead a powerful counterattack to destroy the mad doctor and his entire troupe.
Download Animals vs. Mutants Here (Free)

Bird Revenge

Bird Revenge android puzzle gameBird Revenge is a game in the style of classic Zuma where the birds need a helping hand to be launched. The goal is to hit the birds in the sequences of pets of the same color, as quickly as possible. Each phase creates a more complex challenge for the player and requires a progression of agility to prevent the birds from being eaten by hungry cat.
Download Bird Revenge Here (Free)

Diner Dash

Diner Dash android gameIn this game Diner Dash you will have to emerge in the role of a waitress and need to meet a lot of customers of a restaurant. It is necessary to arrange a table for people to reap the requests, take them to the kitchen, deliver the food and clean the room. As the progresses you can buy new equipment, such as a coffee machine to welcome the customers. This will make you to have more activity in attendance, and, with time, everything gets harder.
Download Diner Dash Here (Free)

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