Top Free Games for Android from Last Week


Weekly gaming round-up of the top free games for android.

Folks, we are back again with our weekly presentation of the best free android games. This week we’ve got some good titles to keep you busy until we prepare another list of new android games. Checkout the list below and suggest your favorite names that we should include in our list.

Here are the top picks of the best free android games from last week.

Dungeon Hunter 5

8.2The best action and fantasy game has returned to the store with a new version. Dungeon Hunter 5 boasts its improved controls and graphics quality, much higher than the previous installments, with improved animations. The game takes you to the world of fantasy, where your hero must fight the demons that are trying to invade everything. You have both single and multiplayer player mode where you will visit five different kingdoms.

Download Dungeon Hunter 5 Here (Free)

Star Wars Rebels: Recon

7.5Ezra Bridger, a young man who will join the Rebellion Star Wars universe to save the citizens of Lothal. You’ll have to overcome different levels and use weapons to confront the enemies. This title is inspired by the animated series Star Wars Rebels, which tells the story of the rebellion against the Empire between episodes III and IV of the famous saga.

Download Star Wars Rebels: Recon Here (Free)


8.4Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a game that will allow you to relive the most legendary moments in a saga full of them. The game puts you in the shoes of Tyro. You will have to travel to the Kingdom of Memories to recover the stolen memories to restore order to civilization. Indeed, the memories are some of the most legendary segments of the supply of Final Fantasy, allowing us to relive the fight against various characters of the saga.

Download FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Here (Free)

Taichi Panda

8.0Taichi Panda is an online RPG action game with colorful and detailed 3D graphics (scenarios in isometric view). You can choose between three characters and each has specific skills, which are evolved as you progress in the game. On the left side of the display, is the analog stick for you to move the scene. On the right are commands with special abilities and basic attacks.

Download Taichi Panda Here (Free)

Silly Sausage in Meat Land

8.2Elastic and funny dog fell into the world of the flesh. He eats sausages and extends his size. The mechanics of the game is very similar to the game of snake, but whenever the dog hit on a wall his body back to normal size. Click on a direction to make Silly Sausage turn back and take care of the dangers along the way – if he touches on a blade, you have to start all over again! Use all your skills to take the puppy Silly Sausage as far as possible.

Download Silly Sausage Here (Free)

Fast & Furious: Legacy

8.6Fast & Furious: Legacy is a 3D racing game featuring exciting races based on the latest part of the movie Fast and the Furious. There are lots of gambling in this adventure, you can participate in street racing, drift and do more. The game features more than 50 vehicles, and players can visit places that have been scenarios of movie, including Miami, Tokyo and even Rio de Janeiro.

Download Fast & Furious: Legacy Here (Free)

Angry Birds Stella POP!

8.1Rovio has proposed a new game, derived from its Angry Birds Stella. This is a puzzle game where you’re going to burst bubbles. Angry Birds Stella Pop offers fun popping color bubbles to knock off those famous pigs. Depending on your skill, you’ll earn points and stars that depend on it, in order to advance through the many levels of the game.

Download Angry Birds Stella POP! Here (Free)

Tree Jump Adventure

7.6Tree Jump Adventure is a new endless jumper game, in which your mission is to go jumping from branch to branch while dodging all sorts of creatures and environmental obstacles to get as far as you can.

Download Tree Jump Adventure Here (Free)

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