Top Free Android Games of the Week to Download

This week’s Top Free Android Games list : Aquarium Adventure: Alien Game, penguin destroyer, Jimmy Slam Dunk, G.O.D (God Of Defence), City Jump and more..

This week marks the arrival of many new exiting titles on the Play Store, including the much-anticipated Temple Run 2 that arrived much earlier than initially anticipated. Here are some of the best titles you can download this week completely free:

Aquarium Adventure: Alien Game

Aquarium Adventure top free android games of the week

With very nice graphics and the purest arcade style gameplay this game will keep you occupied for a while. It’s fun, addictive and easy to get along with. Tilt the phone screen to move the alien submarine and gather pearls and diamonds to gain points. Be careful not to bump into the octopus and seahorse as it reduces a life.
From Developer: The best underwater adventure game for fun with cool ocean graphics. Enjoy this addictive game aquarium theme game for free!! Alien’s submarines are venturing out in the deep blue waters and killing sea animals and here your chance to be a part of the action!!

The objective of the game is to guide alien submarine deeper into the ocean .By tilting the screen move the submarine through the tricky path full of obstacles and firing bullets at the dangerous underwater animals like octopus and sea horses .When the submarine is hit by a seahorse or an octopus you lose a life.

penguin destroyer

Another fun and addictive arcade style comes in the form of 30 challenging levels and lots of hours of fun. According to the location of the target penguin, you need to finger press on the right place of the touch screen. Release the finger with emission energy,the bomb will automatically attack to target and exploded.
From Developer: Becomming one of the most popular physical based games now arrive to the Android Market!If you like iphone fragger,you may also like penguins destroyer.The world of most penguins is dangerous, it needs your help to explode many penguins!

Unleash your shooting abilities to kill all the penguins and get all the stars appear in the levels!

Whack Your Friend : Funny Game


Ultimate fun all the way with this title which features quality music and HD graphics you will love. Have fun with this game by hitting your old best friend and get rid of the old memories and frustration. It’s hard when we lose our best buddy with whom we had great moments of fun and craziness.
From Developer: Have your friend backstabbed you or he bullies you? You want to take revenge.
for that?? Then try this entertaining Android application and that too for FREE!! Whack your Friend is a cool application which includes a boy moving at random positions. Player can hit them simply by swiping their finger in the same direction in which the boy is moving using many objects like stone, cold drink cane, egg etc

Jimmy Slam Dunk


Sports and arcade come together to form one very addictive game which looks great for its high quality graphics. There are 45 challenging and engaging levels, 4 different balls with special bouncing abilities, 2 hoops types and 2 environment types.
From Developer: Try out this fun and engaging basketball game and test you’re aiming skills on the court!
This cool game has 3 different challenging and fun game modes – Challenges, Freestyle and Survival plus 45 cool levels!

Going Nuts


This is a 3D title featuring intense gameplay as you fly the squirrel through lush trees, burnt forests and ice spires, gaining speed all the way. There are Plenty power-ups, upgrades and outfits to buy in the shop with the nuts you gather or purchase.
From Developer: Fly your squirrel through dense forests and gather delicious acorns in GOING NUTS! Smash through obstacles with helmets or dress up as a classic stuntman. Watch out for owls, bad nuts or TNT tied to balloons! How far can YOU fly?

G.O.D (God Of Defence)

G.O.D God Of Defence android game

This is a very serious defense strategy title featuring some high-resolution graphics and exiting action gameplay. Unleash devastating fire, merciless plasma, and purifying ice upon the putrid enemy. Observe, analyze, and undermine their strategies, refine your own tactics, and dominate the field of battle.
From Developer: For many years, the old sealed gate that protects the human world from hell has been weakened. Undead legions from hell are trying to break through the gate and attack the human race. No mere army can stand against them but you do not command just a mere army. You are charged with the defense of the sealed gate, willing to employ any and all means to protect your charges.

Elite CommandAR: Last Hope


This game requires that you run it on a minimum 1 Ghz hardware configuration with 512 MB of RAM. It offers spectacular 3D graphics in an action-based gameplay facing lots and lots of alien enemies. A Co-Op mode is also promised for the near future.
From Developer: Turn your world into a digital battlefield! Aim the pistol and pull its trigger to shoot enemies and targets in the game. Use secondary pistol buttons to raise your shield, change weapons, select special weapons and reload. Earn points to buy or upgrade guns and special weapons.

City Jump

City Jump game for android

This title reminds of NinJump – the popular title which had many players hooked to reach the highest score. As the title it bases itself upon, City Jump can be very addictive and has all the elements, including styled graphics and mechanics, to keep you involved.
From Developer: City Jump is executing mysterious task, jumping between buildings, to avoid obstacles on the wall, to kill monsters, birds, and other enemies on the way.

  • * Tap screen to jump
  • * Kill enemy by jumping in the air
  • * Avoid hurdles on walls
  • * POW UP when killing 3 enemies of the same kind.

Survival Penguin Battle Royal


Packed with 3D action you will surely enjoy, this game will have you feel the speed of skating on ice and exhilarated when using various weapons. You will need to get the points after beating the enemies and unlock characters and power-up items and you can select various characters to play with.
From Developer: 3D action game that unique characters such as penguin, white bear, seal, pirate battle on various types of ice battle fields.

Use various weapon including bomb, bat effectively to beat the boss!
Although the enemies coming to attack you one after another, beat them and survive!
You will be addicted to feel exhilarated of this game!

Spiteful Boy

Spiteful Boy android game

A very fun game featuring 20 levels of entertainment in the purest arcade style. There are cartoonish graphics you will love and hilarious gameplay with 4 monster types and different weapons to fight ’em with.
From Developer: A fun and easy to learn game. You will play for a crazy and evil square guy who imagines himself to be Superman, and had a row with their least square neighbors. And now they want to kill him. But our crazy guy decided that this course of events, it is not quite enough, and took matters into their own hands. Go through level after level, collect crates to collect the pile of them and leave the embittered mir. Each box contains the weapons with ammunition that will help deal with annoying neighbors.

Hope you guys will enjoy playing these Top Free Android Games of the Week. Download them and also share the list with your friends. Cheers!