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Our weekly andorid gaming round up for Top Free Android Games of the Week.

Want to play the best games on Google Play without spending a dime? Not a problem! We have you covered. Here are the best Android games of the week that are worthy of your time.

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution

Zombie Diary 2- top free android games of the week

The war between zombies and humans continues. Tasked with eliminating zombies and saving as many survivors as possible, Zombie Diary 2: Evolution gives you the opportunity to use over 30 unique weapons, a unique weapon upgrade system, a skill development system, and even sports 11 different maps.Download Zombie Diary 2 here Exciting missions and neat artwork/animations to boot,  Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is great for fans that want mindless, exciting action while on the go!

Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier android game

The best-selling motorcycle franchise lands on the Android. Trials Frontier allows you to explore a large world on your motorcycle while competing against your friends across multiple physics-based tracks.Download Trials Frontier here An exciting skill-based racing game, it’s one of the best ways to spend your time while on your commute!

Tiny Dice Dungeon

Tiny Dice Dungeon android game

RPG fans, be aware: Tiny Dice Dungeon is a free RPG that is full of loots, wizards, and warriors. Control tiny heroes through the darkest of dungeons that is ripe with giant monsters and the best treasure in the land.Download Tiny Dice Dungeon here If you love traditional RPGs, Tiny Dice Dungeon is for you!

Godzilla – Smash3

Godzilla - Smash3 android game

The official game of the new Godzilla film, Godzilla – Smash 3 is actually quite the entertainment ‘Match 3’ mobile game. Watch cities crumble as you complete puzzle boards and progress through the game, complete with the same match 3-style gameplayDownload Godzilla – Smash3 here you have come to expect from games of the genre. Love Godzilla? Love match-3 games? Godzilla – Smash 3 is for you!

Zombie Road Trip Trials

Zombie Road Trip Trials game for android

The second zombie game in this last, Zombie Road Trip Trials is the sequel to the smash hit Zombie Road Trip. Featuring hundreds of missions, this physics-based game allows you to shoot, drive, flip, race, and smash zombies in this 10+ single player game.Download Zombie Road Trip Trials here Also featuring cross-platform multiplayer, Zombie Road Trip Trials is one of the best driving games of the week!


Numerus game for android

Want a mobile game with a little more challenge? Enter Numerus – a game with a unique mechanism that allows you to apply infinite numbers of strategies.Downlaod Numerus here Easy to pick up yet difficult to master, Numerus is the game for fans of classical strategy games!

Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton

Nancy Drew android game

Want a point-and-click adventure game with top-quality visuals? Then consider Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton: a game that tasks players with finding a missing girl last seen as an abandoned manor.Download Nancy Drew here One of the scariest games in the entire Nancy Drew line of adventure games, this is one adventure game you do not want to miss!

Overkill Mafia

Overkill Mafia game for android

What do you get whenever you cross an arcade shooter with a classic, film noir style? You get Overkill Mafia: a black-and-white-style mobile game that tasks you with building a bootlegging empire by shooting your way to the top of the mafia world.Download Overkill Mafia here Become the Godfather of the Mafia by eliminating the competition and become a gangster legend.

Just Escape

Just Escape - android games of the week

Are you a fan of room escape games? Then play Just Escape: a room escape game that tasks players with escaping from different types of rooms.Download Just Escape here From escaping castles to space stations and more, Just Escape is the ideal game for those that simply want to play a room escape game and nothing more!

Steampunk Tower

Steampunk Tower game for android

Saving one of the best for last, Steampunk Tower tasks players with taking control of Steampunk Tower and protecting Lord Bingham’s mine. Using machines guns, lightning coils, saw launchers, cannons, and more, you must defend the mine across 20 different levels.Download Steampunk Tower here One of the highest rated games of the week, it’s a great game for fans of the tower defense genre!

Have you downloaded any ohter game this week? Share your favorite andorid games in the comments sectin below. You should also visit this page for more andorid games of the week lists.

  • Sathishkumar V

    Thanks for your information buddy. Now, am gonna to try out all the games you have recommended. I will tell how each and every game works after played with them

  • Clark Anderson

    Thank you for this list. Now I know how I wil spend my weekend.
    The last weekend I was meeting DLNA technology. I have set up Windows Media Player on my PC and ArkMC application on my Galaxy Tab. I was watching video from PC and listened to music. It was interesting and fun.