Top Free Android Apps of the Week – Latest Apps on the Play Store


Download Top Free Android Apps of the Week – chosen from the recent android apps on Google Play store.

Since Android 4.0 Google has recreated the user interface and the framework for all the new android apps to be released. So we’ve seen some great designs for the latest entries on the Store. Let us take a look on what new additions are worth downloading for free from the last week:


Quickoffice for android download app
Quickoffice allows you to view, create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, with support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint and integration with Google Drive to edit the documents you have in the cloud. Luckily Google now offers 10 GB of extra storage in our account of Google Drive for two years.Download QuickOffice

Umano: News Read to You

Umano: News Read to You is a news reader app and podcast through which the user can listen to their favorite news and stay informed. Get an overview of the most interesting articles of the sources most popular on the Internet with Umano Android app. At the top right of the screen, an icon in list format lets you access all the available categories.Download Umano

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live android apps
NBC Sports Live Extra app gives you the opportunity to watch more than 1000 events LIVE for FREE. With the app you can watch live streaming sports that air on NBC, NBC Sports Network and the Golf Channel, follow your favorite events and sports and receive push notifications for event start times. You can also watch recorded sporting events on your Android smartphones and tablets. Download NBC Sports Live

Health and Nutrition Guide

Health and Nutrition Guide Android app will help you to take good care of yourself so you don’t get sick. Suggest you the right choice of food at the right time that your body needs. It contains health tips, nutrition tips and charts, vitamin sources chart and nutrition calculators with which help you can maintain and improve your health. Download Health and Nutrition Guide

F-Stop Media Gallery

F-Stop Media Gallery is an excellent organizer of multimedia files to your device, whether smartphone or tablet. You can use this application to organize the media files on your Android devices. When you set F-Stop Media Gallery on your device, the application will starts scanning all stored media files, whether images or videos. Depending on how many files you have, the process will take more or less time. Download F-Stop Media Gallery

Boomerang: Email App for Gmail

Boomerang is a simple Gmail client for Android which allows you to integrate your Gmail account, perform advanced functions like schedule sending emails among others. This app enabled browser application schedule emails in Gmail to be sent later, something that the Google system does not until now. Now, this tool has gone a step further to contribute a little to those who make extensive use of Gmail on Android devices with an exclusive app for this OS. Download Boomerang: Email


Trillian is an instant messaging app which offers to connect to various messaging services, namely: Windows Live Messenger, GTalk, Facebook, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace, ICQ , Jabber and Astra, Trillian’s own network. The app works well and works in the background showing an icon in the taskbar when you have a new message. Download Trillian

Fixie GIF Camera

Fixie GIF Camera -  top free android apps of the week
Create funny animations in GIF format and share them instantly with Fixie GIF Camera. The app allows you to “film” your own GIFs with the help of the camera on your android phone. To do this simply run the application and click the blue button located in the bottom of the screen. Have fun. Download Fixie GIF Camera

Like this week’s Top Free Android Apps of the Week? Know a worthy free android app to install on our device? Recommend the title in the comment section below.

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