Top Free Android Apps of the Week – Latest Apps on the Play Store


Download Top Free Android Apps of the Week – chosen from the recent android apps on Google Play store.

Since Android 5.0 Google has recreated the user interface and the framework for all the new android apps to be released. Developers are catching up with the new material design introduced in new lollipop version. So we’ve seen some great designs for the latest entries on the Store.

Let us take a look on what new additions are worth downloading for free from the last week:

YouTube Kids Top Free Android Apps of the Week

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is an ideal option for smaller in the house. In this special children’s version you can see content specially dedicated to children. Along with a number of choices you also have the options to control the type of videos that your kids can be seen.

Download YouTube Kids App Here (Free)

Prezi android productivity app


Prezi is an interesting app for Android that lets you view and show your prezis anytime, anywhere from your Android phones or tablets. You can download the application for free and bring all your presentations in the palm of your hand.

Download Prezi App Here (Free)

SoundHUD true silent mode on android lollipop


SoundHUD is a highly customizable volume panel replacement for Android devices. It comes with a true silent mode for Lollipop users! It doesn’t require root access.

Download SoundHUD App Here (Free)

Do Camera android app

Do Camera by IFTTT

Do Camera by IFTT offers a custom camera where you can also assign your shutter button to select three actions, such as photo sharing on Twitter, email it or save it in Dropbox. Create your own personalized camera with just a tap.

Download Do Camera App Here (Free)

Top Free Android Apps 2015

A list of the best free android apps 2015 to download on your device.

Do Note by IFTTT for android devices

Do Note by IFTTT

Do Note By IFTT is a personalized note pad where you can create your own personalized notepad with just a tap. Save and share notes with Recipes that connect your notepad to Evernote, Google Calendar or share on Twitter, for example. The mechanics are simple and the choices are vast.

Download Do Note App Here (Free)

Do Button by IFTTT for android

Do Button by IFTTT

Do Button by IFTT offers a great custom button where you can assign up to three recipes, such as adjusting instantly Nest thermostat to 21 degrees, keeping track of the time and location in a spreadsheet Drive, or turn on / off Hue of the Phillips lights.

Download Do Button App Here (Free)

OnePoint app for android


Onepoint for Android is a contactless mobile payment app that has the ability to simplify your purchases by removing the payment component at checkout. For this you don’t need any credit card. It’s easier than paying by cash or card.

Download OnePoint App Here (Free)

Like this week’s Top Free Android Apps of the Week? Know a worthy free android app to install on our device? Recommend the title in the comment section below.

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