Top Free Android Apps of the Week


Download Free Top Android Apps are chosen from the recent releases on Android market.

As another week passed, here is another Top free android apps list going to bring you up to speed on the latest and best releases on the Google Play Store. This time we have some highly expected updates to some of the most popular apps as well as new releases worth giving a try. Let’s take a detailed look of what they are.

If you’re ready we shall proceed to download the best applications for this week.

Trepn Profiler

8.6With Trepn Profiler, you can monitor the performance and power of your mobile device. You can see in real time the individual CPU cores, consumption data, monitor battery power, monitor the frequency of the GPU and the load. It has six preset profiles and ten detailed information about the process of your device. In advanced mode, you can save the data to analyze them later.

Kanvas Keyboard

8.2If you want a keyboard with images and gifs for your Android, Kanvas Keyboard could be a great option for you. It allows you to create personalized text messages through drawings and easily access the GIF, memes, stickers and files all from your keyboard. This beautiful Android keyboard app also allows you to write much faster and has the gesture operation, one that radically changes the way you write.

NeuroNation – brain training

8.4NeuroNation will help you to expand the boundaries of your brain. This app provides 23 exercises to improve your memory, concentration and intelligence. You can also create your own personal training plan. Develop your brain activities with this useful application.

Color Touch Magnify

8.0Give a special touch to all your photos with this photo editing app. You just have to use your fingers and see how it changes color or increases with the zoom. It also has other tools to give that distinctive touch. It is very easy to use. Once you’ve got the effect you want, save it to your album or share them with anyone through the major social networks.

AudioPocket (Alpha)

8.1AudioPocket is a simple app that provides an easy way to turn your favorite videos into audio that is streamed directly on your Android. The working process is quite simple, much like the players to mobile devices. The application has a simple and clean interface that meets the proposal of the app.

Piano app by Yokee

8.3With Piano by Yokee, you can play your favorite classic piano on your Android device. Choose the song you want to play from a wide selection of songs and musical genres, choose the difficulty level, practice settings and create your own music. When you improve your score will improve as well.

Watchup: Your Daily Newscast

8.0Watchup is a complete app with which you’ll be able to read all the news that interest you from anywhere in the world at any time without having to search the Internet. You can also see the video news from a growing number of news channels.

Already started to download these apps? Let us know which one you enjoy most from this week’s Free Top Android Apps list. Also share your favorite android apps in the comments, those you downloaded and installed this week. Check out more free android apps of the week here.

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