A list of the top free android apps 2015 to keep busy with your device. There is no way to start 2015 with a selection of good mobile applications on Google Play.

Without any doubt, Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, followed by iOS, Windows phone, Blackberry and others. It has a gigantic ecosystem of apps with nearly 1.5 million applications on the Google Play Store and continues to grow everyday. As you can see that there are lots of choices in every category of apps, it is hard to find the essential apps. That is why we have selected the best free android apps 2015.

For all users who do not know what apps to install on your mobile, here’s a list of free essential Android apps. We leave the best Android apps of 2014 on Google Play those will also serve you in 2015.

Then here we go, these top free android apps 2015 to premiere this year.

1. Nova Launcher

9.2Literally, there are hundreds of launchers available at Google Play and most of them are very complete and very powerful. But NOVA Launcher stands out for its amazing set of features, regular updates, and smooth performance. Its main asset is to be extremely smooth and fast.

Download Nova Launcher (Free)

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2. Belle UI Icon Pack

8.4Want to give personal touch to the icons of the applications you have installed on your Android. You must try Belle UI Icon Pack. This pack of beautiful icons is completely free, with no in-app purchases, and offers a total of 1350 different icons, enough to customize all kinds of applications.

Download Belle UI Icon Pack (Free)

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3. Microsoft Outlook Preview

7.4With Outlook you will have access to email, contacts, calendar and files, all from one place. This is a sleek mail client based around swiping gestures so that you can quickly reach all that you desire. You can delete, archive and schedule messages for later access, schedule meetings, event reminders, attach files to Dropbox or OneDrive.

Download Microsoft Outlook (Free)

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4. Yahoo Weather

8.8Yahoo Weather is a great application of weather that stands out for its amazing updated photos showing the weather in your city. This app provides detailed weather information, including forecasts to 24 hours and 10 days. Among its outstanding features are interactive radars, satellites, wind and heat maps, severe weather alerts, sunrise and sunset, wind and pressure modules, a humidity sensor, UV index and probability of rain.

Download Yahoo Weather (Free)

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5. Evernote

9.0Evernote is a complete personal organizer for Android with which you can transform your device into an extension of the brain. Write notes and to-do lists, store photos and voice reminders, keep and synchronize files before sharing them … Everything perfectly organized with Evernote.

Download Evernote (Free)

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6. Cal – Calendar Google/Exchange

8.6Cal slightly changes your perspective so that you focus a little more without extra effort. Cal is a simple and minimalistic calendar with a beautiful design and complete integration with Any.do. Cal sync with other popular calendars and allows you to keep a diary and other personal business without creating a mess in your life.

Download Cal – Calendar (Free)

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8.8Here Maps is a real competitor to Google Maps. Here Maps has the great advantage to allow the full downloading maps from around the world, locally on your smartphone and can function without Internet connection. Working like a true GPS, Here Maps can create routes and turn view navigation.

Download Nokia Maps (Free)

8. Muzei Live Wallpaper

8.9Muzei is a living museum for your Android home screen. Muzei live wallpaper gently refreshes your home screen each day with famous works of art. The application is extremely simple. You also have the option of using your own photos to this effect Blur, and also some options to control how dark blurry and how art appears.

Download Muzei Live Wallpaper (Free)

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9. ES File Explorer File Manager

9.1ES File Explorer is a complete file explorer for Android, which also incorporates advanced management functions and supports FTP and SAMBA protocols to access the contents of the hard disk of any server or your PC remotely. An essential application to maintain and manage files stored on your smartphone. Also, it has included support for cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Download ES File Explorer (Free)

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10. Spotify Music

9.0The famous music service Spotify is known for its lists of songs categorized by genre, decade and even for various everyday situations, with music for the outdoors or the holidays year.

Download Spotify Music (Free)

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11. Pocket

8.6Pocket is a very interesting application for those who read news or web sites on Android while traveling, and want to save them to read later, and do not know how. Here came Pocket, allowing you to save them easily, even for reading offline.

Download Pocket (Free)

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12. SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

8.4Improve your writing with SwiftKey keyboard. Recognizes and predicts words and emoticons with one of the best keyboards for Android. SwiftKey is a swipe-based typing app for Android that can predict what you mean and immediately correct the faults.

Download SwiftKey (Free)

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13. Greenify

9.2Greenify makes sure that no app is abusing the system of your Android by taking up too much of its resources. It basically shut down or hibernate apps and conserve battery power on your Android.

Download Greenify (Free)

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14. Timely Alarm Clock

8.5Timely is probably the best and most beautiful alarm clock application for Android. Timely offers all the necessary functions to be a good alarm or clock type application with under a stunning user interface with customizable backgrounds and sounds, animated that are just great to wake replicates.

Download Timely (Free)

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15. AirDroid – Android on Computer

8.4AirDroid is an innovative application that allows you to control your Android phone from the PC through a web browser. For this, the phone and the PC must be on the same wi-fi network.

Download AirDroid (Free)

16. Snapseed

8.8Snapseed is one of the best apps for editing, retouching and effects to optimize images on your Android device. You can enhance your photos and share with friends more easily than ever.

Download Snapseed (Free)

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17. VSCO Cam

8.6Make the most of your photos on your Android with Vasco Cam. VSCO Cam is an excellent photo editing tool that allows you to apply the famous filters to your photographs in a much more professional way than most competing applications over.

Download VSCO Cam® (Free)

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18. MX Player

8.3MX Video Player is a complete video player for Android optimized for operation with modern dual core processors which supports almost all known formats without the need for additional codec’s.

Download MX Player (Free)

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19. Oyster – Read Unlimited Books

7.8Download Oyster for Android and enjoy unlimited access to over half a million books. It provides access to many books, buy them and read them easily with convenient features.

Download Oyster (Free)

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20. Yahoo News Digest

8.2Yahoo News Digest is a news service that provides you with access to key information each day. This application provides a summary of the best stories and key points of collections that are delivered twice daily. We can simply say that this is nothing less than a summary of the most important news of the day.

Download Yahoo News Digest (Free)

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21. Feedly. Your news reader.

8.4View your feeds wherever you are and anytime with Feedly, the best Google Reader alternative. Its operation is quite simple, allowing you to organize your favorite feeds into folders. Allows you to import your information from Google Reader and display the news according to your preferences in appearance, date, and if you have already read or not.

Download Feedly (Free)

22. ESPN

8.0The ESPN Application gives you instant results and news with many video highlights. Register and customize the Application with your favorite teams and get all the scores, news and alerts for your favorite team as fast as possible.

Download ESPN (Free)

23. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

9.1Duolingo lets you learn or review English (or other languages) in a fun way. The great strength of Duolingo is to be the antithesis of learning called classical methods. Here, no traditional courses, the designers of the solution preferred to inspire … online games. It is probably the best solution for those who want to learn a foreign language.

Download Duolingo (Free)

24. Yahoo Finance

8.2Yahoo Finance app allows you to track, access to breaking news or to monitor changes in stock prices. You can compare the performance and identify key market trends. It is well done, simple and effective.

Download Yahoo Finance (Free)

25. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

8.4Houzz is a great app for those who want to decorate / re-design their home. The idea behind the app is simple: Houzz has a huge database of pictures on different type of room (kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom), illustrations and decorating ideas and access to thousands of Architects filtered by a recommendation system.

Download Houzz (Free)

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26. Moves

7.4Moves is a great application for measuring your physical activities throughout the day. The advantage of Moves is that you do not have to start the application and it records your physical activity. Everything is done automatically in the background. Moves calculate the number of steps you take during the day. Moves can also automatically distinguish you do instead of jogging or cycling. No action is required on your part.

Download Moves (Free)

27. Mint Personal Finance

8.8Manage your budget and your money easily. Assign a budget at the start, then save your receipts and expenses. Each input and output of money will be archived to accurately track the state of your finances.

Download Mint (Free)

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28. Tinder

8.2Tinder makes the process of finding new people very easy, and even a date. Tinder is a very simple application with simple functions. You just have to swipe to the left if a person you do not like, and right if that person seems attractive. Another great feature of the app is “the moments”, allowing you to drag and instantly share a photo, which can add filters or text, with everyone supported.

Download Tinder (Free)

29. 500px – Discover great photos

8.5500px is a social network dedicated to the photos where you can share yours, see others, and participate in a photo forum that would improve your photography. A very slick, visual and comfortable interface make this application as a rival of Instagram and Flickr.

Download 500px (Free)

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30. Dropbox

9.0In the field of online backup, Dropbox is a real reference. Dropbox allows you to store all the information in the clouds. With Dropbox you can synchronize files and folders to share.

Download (Free)

31. IMDb Movies & TV

8.6IMDb is an indispensable tool for movie buffs and has the world’s largest movie database. Movie trailers, casts, reviews, and all sorts of flick paraphernalia adorn IMDb’s free movie app. This app has an elegant and intuitive interface.

Download IMDb Movies & TV (Free)

32. Yelp

8.5Yelp is a social network that allows you to discover all kinds local, from restaurants to dine or workshops to repair your vehicle, but with the distinction of having information provided by its users. Yelp will help you make the right choice.

Download Yelp (Free)

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33. Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box

8.9With this, Yummly can find and discover food recipes from more than a million recipes available and can filter recipes by culinary parameters or also by categories of foods. Do not forget that it is possible to collect food recipes as a favorite and assists in planning its development.

Download Yummly Recipes (Free)

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34. RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

8.3RunKeeper is an excellent coach for running enthusiasts. It allows you to track your route with GPS, measure the time, the distance traveled and calories spent, and set goals.

Download RunKeeper (Free)

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