Android’s Top Best Free Apps of the Week


Another weekly android apps round up for you to download some of the Top Best Free Apps of the Week.

As a new week approaches we decided you should get a good reason for loving Android and the features it offers in terms of software. This week Google has decided to give us another useful service while the Opera Browser is now based on Webkit and faster than ever before.

Let’s put the following free apps of the week into your android devices:

Moto Display app for motorola moto x 2nd gen

Moto Display

Moto Display is a great tool that gives you what you need to know, when you need to know it on the screen of your device—without waking your Android device. Information discreetly appears on the screen, so you don’t have to turn the screen on to look at the time or see notifications. Unfortunately, the app only works on Moto X (2nd gen).

Download Moto Display Here (Free)

Noyze Volume Panel app for android

Noyze Volume Panel

Noyze Volume Panel is a tool for customizing the audio panel of your Android device. The application aims to create a shortcut panel for functions that are customarily turned on and off on Android. Thus, you can set options to control volume and even a song running without having to resort to different sectors of the device.

Download Noyze Volume Panel Here (Free)

Hangouts Dialer for android smartphone

Hangouts Dialer

Hangouts Dialer is a dialer for Android that allows you to call any phone number in the world from the application Google Hangouts. Calls are free and can be made to anyone who is within Hangouts system. The features of phone calls are directly accessible after installation. You can even use the platform as a shortcut to the dialer screen the messenger.

Download Hangouts Dialer Here (Free)

Moto Actions app for motorola moto x 2

Moto Actions

Another app dedicated to the 2nd generation of Moto X device. Moto Actions responds to simple gestures without you having to touch the phone. Simply wave your hand above the phone to silence calls or snooze alarms. Or, open the camera with just two quick twists of your wrist. (For other devices here is a similar app that allows to answer call).

Download Moto Actions Here (Free)

Castround with Twitter app for android

Castround with Twitter

Castround with Twitter allows you to read tweets in a specific geographic region. To use the app you have to define the region you want to “listen”. The application will access Twitter filtering by the variable that determines its status and display the results grouped by label. Also, you can retweet, reply, favorite and even go below the user of a specific tweet when you touch it. You can also tweet via the app, it also share your location, by default, unless you uncheck the option in settings.

Download Castround with Twitter Here (Free)

OneNote for Android Wear smartwatch

OneNote for Android Wear

Microsoft has released OneNote for Android Wear, software that allows you to dictate notes from your clocks. The user can take notes via voice commands, just say “take note”, to dictate text notes and sync them online to access them from any device. The app is very useful to record a quick idea using your smartwatch, since anything that comes to mind may record instantly without having to use the phone.

Download OneNote for Android Wear Here (Free)

Horizon camera app for android


Horizon is a new camera application that allows you to record horizontal videos. Hold it upright, sideways or even keep rotating it while capturing, your captured moment will always stay horizontal! Horizon will record video at maximum resolution supported by your device. Furthermore, no shortage of options to enable the flash, use the front camera and a range of quality in the recording.

Download Horizon Here (Free)

That’s all for this week folks! Hope you will enjoy downloading theses top free android apps of the week. Browse our Weekly Android Apps gallery. Share your favorite apps with us in the comment section. Cheers!

  • Opera and Movie twist are the best android apps. My favorite is Last Message app, it’s very simple and smart solution to low battery problem. This app is available at Google Play Store. Hope you would also like this app