Kitakt, the latest version of android comes with lot of new features. Among these features the most noticeable and beautiful feature is the new Kitkat launcher. Unfortunately Kitkat only available for latest nexus line and a few number of most recent android devices. The update will take some to arrive on older devices.

For those who would love to enjoy the new look and features of Kikat on their older android devices, we have already shared the Android 4.4 Kitkat Launcher, keyboard, Hangouts, camera Apk & wallpapers here. Those who are not able to install these ripped apk files can still enjoy the look of Android Kitkat with just installing a kikat launcher available on play store.

Let’s checkout Top 5 free kikat launcher for android you can download give your android device some kitkat flavor.

KitKat Launcher ( Android 4.4)

KitKat Launcher ( Android 4.4) app
KitKat Launcher (Android 4.4) or KK Launcher is one of the best launcher apps for Android 4.0+ devices. KK Launcher for Android promises to change the appearance of your device with the aesthetics, animation, and some good features. The app comes with a variety of customization options and some good features to enjoy while having the look of Android 4.4 features like: Nexus 5 HD wallpapers, Transparent status bar, options to edit icons, the grid, and the size of them and you can swipe from the left or right to access Google Now. Download KitKat Launcher

Epic Launcher(KitKat Launcher)

Epic Launcher(KitKat Launcher)
Epic launcher for Android KitKat is a complete copy of the shell of KitKat. The program has a customizable home screen based on the AOSP 4.4, and comes with advanced customization options. You can change the size of icons, change the text size, the number of icons in the dock, Hide the Google search bar, Swipe right to open Google Now, flip through the dock, up to 5 pages and much more. Download Epic Launcher

KitKat Launcher

KitKat Launcher for android
KitKat Launcher app for Android, developed by, is another best Android 4.4 launcher app, Simple, Fast and Smooth. The app comes with an interface that simulates the look of the latest version of Android mobile OS 4.4. Some features are missing in the free version of the app such as changing the sizes of icons and text, hiding apps in the app drawer and hiding the search bar. However, the app allows you to customize the folder settings, resize the search bar as well as the ability to enable auto rotation on the homescreen and app drawers. Just press the home button to install the app and select the KitKat Launcher along with the always option. Then you can begin to customize the home screen with various features of Android 4.4. Download KitKat Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher beat kitkat version
The most popular Nova team has just released a beta version of the Nova Launcher with some KitKat features built in. The latest Nova Launcher beta features some of the key features of kitakt such as KitKat scroll indicator,
KitKat folders, KitKat font, KitKat app drawer, Transparent system bars and more. You can either join the Nova’s beta program or download the nova launcher beta apk from the following link. Download Nova Launcher

KitKat Launcherr

Another Launcher app for Android KitKat with the same name “KitKat Launcher”, developed by Ovidos Creative. The app will help you to get the pure KitKat Launcher experience on your Android device with KitKat version of the OS. One of the first noticeable features of the app is the shortcut to the Google Play Store, found in the top left of the homescreen of your Device. With the app you can set auto rotation, change the icon size, toggle on and off various options such as the search bar, swiping for Google Now and wallpaper scrolling. Download KitKat Launcher

Hopefully the official kitkat update for your device will arrive soon. Until then download try the above launcher apps. Let us know which one of these android 4.4 kitkat launcher worked for you.


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