Free New Android Games to Download this week


Weekly android gaming round up : Pac-Man 256, Upong, Football Clash, Tactile Wars and more..

A list of the top Free new Android Games available android market this week. Download them right now on your Android Smartphone or Tablet and have some fun.

The best free new android games this week on google play store.

PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Maze (FREE)

8.4Pac-Man 256 is an endless racing game with a base like Crossy Road where your task is to help Pac-Man to run around, dodging ghosts and collecting all the points you can. In addition to the balls that allow you to “eat” the ghosts, you will have new power-ups. The ambiance is excellent and together with the simple controls makes this essential game for old games fans.

Upong (FREE)

8.6Upong is a thinking game for Android based on the classic Pong. Your goal is guide a racket for a long crazy scenario. To earn points, you need to hit the ball all the time and not let it get left behind. The coins acquired during the play can be used to buy upgrades that increase the size of the racket and change the setting.

Clicker Heroes (FREE)

8.3Clicker Heroes is a role playing game with a very simple proposal, yet incredibly fun. Clicker Heroes strictly follows the “endless clicks” type of game in which you must click to proceed in numbers and strategy. Tap to attack monsters, hire and level up heroes to unlock their unique abilities.

The Path To Luma (FREE)

8.4The Path To Luma is a thinking game with three-dimensional puzzles that creates a unique gambling to teach the player about sustainable energy. Your role is to guide a robot through several planets so it makes use of natural resources in place to revitalize the whole scenario and avoid a space catastrophe.

Tactile Wars (FREE)

8.2Tactile Wars is an interesting game that brings a mix of strategy with action. Here, you will become a general of your army, and where all the soldiers, friends and enemies are armed with paint guns as weapons. The goal is to conquer the territories of other players with colorful blasts of paint! To do this we must form teams of different types of combat like tanks, turrets, mines, infantry or mercenaries, and you can improve the characteristics of your soldiers over time.

Football Clash (FREE)

7.9Football Clash is a turn based football game where you can play offline against computer or against your friends. The game provides 16 teams to choose from and a single player tournament to show your skills. Optimize your positional play and score goals.

Cartoon Survivor (FREE)

8.1Cartoon Survivor is an adventure runner game set in a dynamic prehistoric world with vibrant 3D animation. The goal is to help the dodo bird to survive in a prehistoric world. Guide the hero through complex routes where it will find a lot of traps and hungry predators. The movement is simple and requires you to slide your finger in the lower left corner of the display.

These new Android Game are absolutely Free to download and hopefully will bring hours of enjoyment. Don’t forget to hit the share button and connect with us on social network.

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