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Another Free New Android Games round up : Castle Clash, Avengers Alliance,Gold Diggers, Stampede Run and more..

Top Free New Android Games
Here is the list of top Free new Android Games available Android Market this week. Download them right now on your Android Smartphone or Tablet and have some fun.

Castle Clash

Castle Clash for Android is a fun online strategy game in which you must prepare the best possible position to defend your army, conquer enemy territories and become the most powerful military leader. Build your own castle in a charged environment of magic and epic, contract an army of mythical creatures, such as amazing animals, robots, dwarves, elves etc. to defend your castle or conquer others and become the greatest military leader of the world. A brilliant blend of exciting combat and fast-paced strategy game. Download Castle Clash

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Endless battles between superheroes and antiheroes of DC Comics. Create a powerful team of superheroes and villains DC and prepare for battle in the game Injustice: Gods Among Us for Android. Basically fight taking place in the style of one-on-one, but at any moment, both you and your opponent can call on additional party with the band. Addictive gameplay, known mass, the discovery of new methods of struggle and impressive 3D graphics with animating characters each with their own way, to show us a new story about the universe of DC Comics. Download Injustice

Dragon Mania

Dragon Mania is a mixture of a building game with elements from collecting games and numerous mini-games, something like Dragon City but with its own elements. Take the role of a dragon- breeder, train your dragons and battle against friends or you can team with your friends to defeat hordes of enemies. The Dragon Mania app for Android has a total of 50 different dragons, each divided into 11 elements. For example, there is Fire Dragon or Ice Dragon, who have not only different elements but also unique abilities. Build your Dragon Empire, raise your dragons and become the master of dragons. Download Dragon Mania

Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers is a simple, fun and addictive game for Android. Take the role of a gold and treasure hunter who crave quick money and fame, and dig through a gigantic Superlicious Steam-Punk Digging Trams. Your goal is to find as much gold you can. You will get acquainted with the most dangerous areas that are hidden deep underground such as pockets of lava, giant worms, and many sites are not passable. Use your reflexes dodging threats and proceed as far as possible. The gold you collect can be used to buy a special drill, new miners and cars for your tram. Download Gold Diggers

Circuit Chaser

Circuit Chaser is an endless runner game for Android with shooter elements. In the game you will control a robot, help him to escape from enemy land, and destroy enemies and different obstacles such as web, radiation fluid and mines you will face along the way. As the game progresses you can open other robots, each of which has an advantage over others. You will also have an opportunity to improve the robots, they buy weapons and armor. Download Circuit Chaser

Stampede Run

Another endless runner game for Android devices and this time the protagonist is a Spanish bull. In this adventure racing game your goal is to help a Spanish bull to survive in the Spanish city of Pamplona. Escape the bulls, jump over various obstacles, rivers and cars, slide under bridges and trestles and get as far as you can. The game also has an online gaming mode, so you can play against your Facebook friends, random people from around the world or against a particular user. Download Stampede Run

Avengers Alliance

Avengers Alliance is an action game for Android, featuring a lot of new characters and improved graphics. The mission is based on the movie Thor: The Dark World where your goal is to recruit your favorite Marvel Heroes harness the power of ISO-8 and stop the invasion of Malekith and the Dark Elvis in Midgard. Avengers Alliance will combine PvP-battles and turn-based levels for which you will gain experience for your character, and things unique ammunition. Download Avengers Alliance


Are you ready to help other people and save them from the fire? Become a brave fireman and rescue people and animals trapped in a burning building. You will equip water gun with which you’ll put out the fire. The aircraft, with which you will be able to climb on various places, jump steps or if you need to fly over the spikes. Extinguish fire on more than 50 different game levels, find some treasures and collect coins, with which you can upgrade you equipments. Download Fireman

King’s Empire

Build your own empire and conquer the world. King’s Empire is a player vs player strategy game for Android in which your goal is to build a powerful empire and conquer others to bring peace or extend your kingdom, the fate of the world is in your hands. First you’ll have hundreds of thousands of players around the world playing in real time with the same goal as you. Defeat other players in battle or forging powerful alliances to defend against other players, or invade and divide up the loot. Download King’s Empire
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These new Android Game are absolutely Free to download and hopefully will bring hours of enjoyment. Don’t forget to hit the share button and connect with us on social network.

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