Top 5 Free Android Games to Download this week


Spare some of your time to have fun during the workdays with these popular free games for android.

Everybody loves free stuff! Here is a list of the best 5 Free Android Game available Android Market this week. Download them right now on your Android Smartphone and have some fun over the weekend.

This week’s list of the must be downloaded android games:

Sword Of Xolan (FREE)

8.6Sword of Xolan is a game of best action games for android and platforms with pixelated graphics and a very classic style. In this game, you’ll have to control a young knight Xolan, who must fight the forces of darkness using his sword and magical powers. In total Sword Of Xolan has 30 different levels set in three different locations. At each level the goal is always the same, reach the goal and get all possible objects.

Ding Dong (FREE)

8.4Ding Dong is a minimalist arcade games for android in which players will have to go past a circle from top to bottom of the screen, while avoiding collisions with moving obstacles such as piles of squares, rectangles, triangles and other geometric figures. If your circle collides with some other figure, it will explode into a thousand pieces. The game offers a fun game mechanics and a simple but nice graphic section.

Spin Commander (FREE)

8.0The objective is to control a small figure able to shoot other on-screen, but the trick is that this game uses the gyroscope to rotate the character, having to move the device to overcome the challenges you of front. The game is extremely fun and minimalist, and the challenge is more difficult at each level. It also has a multiplayer option that gives more life to the application.

Atomas (FREE)

8.6If you liked games like 2048 and know chemistry stuff, then you will like this game because it tries to go combining numbers to get the items you want. Atomas is a fascinating puzzle game where the goal is to get valuable items such as gold and platinum.

Democracy vs Freedom (FREE)

Free Android Games to Download

8.2Democracy vs. Freedom is a turn-based strategy game that will test your abilities when handling a small tank with many other players. You’ll struggle for freedom and democracy in the game. You will fight to win your freedom and you will aim to win the war. Vote for orders along with thousands of players around the world, achieve highest military awards and ranks in the war.

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