Top 5 Free Android Apps April 2014


Here is our roundup for the best free android apps in April 2014. Download and try them on your phone or tablet.

To help you discover the best free android apps we always explore recent releases and updates on the android market and share only the very best of them with you. Here is another list of the hottest new android apps we have chosen for you in the month of April 2014.

Let’s checkout Top 5 Free Android Apps you should download from this month’s releases.

AVG Zen – Admin Console

AVG Zen – Admin Console android app
Downlaod AVG Zen – Admin Console
AVG Zen – Admin Console is a program that allows you to access all your PC’s and Android devices remotely, anytime, anywhere. The app allows you keep track of your PC’s, Android smartphones and tablets, providing a quick overview of measures that allow the products resulting from the increasing variety of devices, tackle problems quickly and easily. Users can control their security, optimization and privacy settings consistently across multiple platforms – from each participating device. With color-coded circles AVG Zen shows the maturity of the security, performance, privacy and support to the registered systems. Keep your Android devices running smoothly with AVG Zen.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile for android
Downlaod Microsoft Office Mobile
Microsoft Office Mobile app lets you take your texts, your spreadsheets and your presentations wherever you want, with the ability to change them whenever necessary. Now it is not necessary to have a subscription to office 365 to edit various files. Now the application allows all smartphone users to view and edit the contents thereof, free of charge, so that users can make use of all its features. The features remain the same but many will appreciate being able to do a quick edit to documents and sync with the cloud (OneDrive, the old SkyDrive).


Downlaod Carousel
Carousel is a gallery app for Android that allows you to easily see your memories stored on Dropbox and share them with your friends, which Dropbox termed as “a place for all your memories”. Carousel includes a very attractive way to display, but nothing new attraction, where the images are organizing events in chronological order. You can slide between photos, zoom for details, browse your collection by date and location and combining the content in your Dropbox with which is stored on the reel from your mobile device. The application also automatically backs up your pictures and videos to your Dropbox account.


Mailbox app for android
Downlaod Mailbox
Dropbox also has introduced the Android-compatible version of Mailbox, a complete email manager that has gained much popularity among the users of iOS platform. In it you can mark as read emails, archiving sliding to the right, remove them if even more slowly slid archive / delete several at a time in a single run. Mailbox also supports multiple mail accounts, so you can have all your accounts in one place and manage them more easily.


Facets android wallpaper app - Top 5 Free Android Apps April 2014
Downlaod Facets
Facets for Android is a wallpaper application that provides 365 unique pieces of amazing work of Justin Maller,an Australian artist who has given concoer very well with the blogosphere thanks to its attractive wallpapers online Facets. And now and Justin brings his work in an Android application. If you’re looking to replace the wallpaper on your home screen, you might want to check out Facet. To apply the wallpaper you just select the image you like and see in full size, slide up here and give you the option to put it as background and saved to your gallery.

Let us know your favourite apps of the month by sharing them in the comment section below. Also suggest your idea to improve the list. Cheers!

  • Tyler

    What would the benefits of having Microsoft Office Mobile be in comparison to having a Google Drive account?