Top 5 Android Games : March 2014 (Free Android Games)


Looking for some best gaming title from recent android games? Here is a List of our favourite android games in March 2014.

Everyday we see new android games arrives on play store but not all them are worth to install on your device. Here at getandoridstuff we try a quite number of new releases and chose the best of them to share with you.

Let’s checkout the Top 5 Android Games in March 2014 and download on your android smartphone or tablet by following the google play store link.

1. QuizUp

Download QuizUp (Free)
QuizUp was first launched on the App Store in November last year and became one of the most popular trivia games. And now finally the users of Android OS can play the game on their device and compete against their friends on trivia matches. There are over 250 topics ranging from tv shows, games, movies, and sports to challenge your friends. Play against other players around the world, try to defeat them and make you way to the top of the global leaderboard.

2. Shadow Blade Lite

Download Shadow Blade Lite (Free)
Shadow Blade Lite, inspired by the classic Ninja Gaiden, is a great arcade game that combines retro style action and platforms, in which you have to go on a secret mission to save your clan and many lives. In the role of a ninja master called Kuro you have to embark on a dangerous mission full of challenging levels of action in the traps, somersaults and other enemies to recover the Shadow Blade. You will have to overcome all the dangers that are found throughout each of the multiple levels available and try to get the information to the leader of your clan. The game consists of 42 chapters divided into 4 levels with progressive difficulty.


Frontline Commando 2 is the continuation of the popular third person shooter, 3D action game. Frontline Commando 2 for Android comes with more improved physics, High-quality graphics advanced weapons. In the game you must collect your squad of 65 unique mercenaries to build a team and let them into battle against your enemies. Upgrade your weapons, and take on snipers or flying drones. The game offers 40 missions and 13 elite challenges with interactive, decaying buildings and a lot of different enemies. You can also challenge other players in PVP battles. The left part of the screen is used for aiming sight, and on the right side there is the key of fire, reload and squats behind cover.

4. Royal Revolt 2

Download Royal Revolt 2 (Free)
Royal Revolt 2 is the continuation of one of the most popular game on Android platform Royal Revolt, which has gained so many fans already. Your task is to defend the castle from attacking enemies – do not let them seize the kingdom. The second part of the game combines extraordinary gameplay of history and a lot of innovations, now in addition to the capture and destruction of the towers, you must defend your castle from the raids, simultaneously improving its erecting protective, defensive fortifications, and all kinds of magical and military buildings. The game has awesome cartoon graphics with a wide field of battle. The game supports multiplayer mode and a variety of controllers. So, get ready to prove that you are the ruler of the most talented in the game Royal Revolt 2.

5. Swordigo

Download Swordigo (Free)
Swordigo for Android is an adventure game, in which you will go on a quest to find your master who has disappeared into the woods. Using the touch controls provided by the game itself, you will have to run, jump and fight through a dark world filled with enemies and monsters. Find and collect powerful weapons and spells so you can defeat your enemies along the way. Swordigo offers RPG fans a lengthy adventure with great sound effects.

Now it’s time to share your favourite android games of March 2014 with us in the comments section. You should also checkout our weekly android game round up.

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